Is Ribs and Burgers halal?

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Is R&B Halal?
Ribs & Burgers is all about keeping it real. Real food, real fresh, with a real smile when you walk in the door. That’s why we’re always upfront about what’s in our meals and how we make them, because these are the things that matter the most to us, and we know they matter a lot to our customers as well.

We often get asked whether our food is halal, so here’s a little bit more about our status!

Are our ribs and burgers halal?

The short answer is: No and yes. 

Ribs and Burgers is not a halal-certified restaurant. However, the majority of our ingredients do come from suppliers that hold halal food certifications. 

For example, all of our beef and chicken is slaughtered to comply with halal guidelines. Additionally, our meat suppliers and butcher all carry a halal meat certification. 

As for our sauces, bastes, and marinades, these may contain wine vinegar and wine. That said, they are all also cooked, which means that the wine and wine vinegars cook off in the process. However we can of course skip the sauces or bastings – just let your server know when ordering and we’ll be sure to keep your meal free from those additions. 

In terms of our own preparations and cooking, we do not have the set up necessary to use separate grills and equipment for non-pork products. In order to offer our halal customers one option, we will happily clean our cooking tools before preparing your order. Simply let us know and we’ll get to it! 

We understand that our non-certification status for halal meals may pose a problem for some customers, and we apologise for any inconvenience. We do hope that the combination of our halal suppliers and our keen readiness to adjust our meals and practices for your order will help to make dining at Ribs & Burgers an inclusive and enjoyable experience. 

What about other dietary requirements?

Ribs & Burgers makes a real effort to cater to all dietary requirements, so it’s pretty likely we’ll have what you’re after! 

When you explore our menu page, you can see meals are clearly labelled with a vegetarian tag, which accounts for a good number of burgers and meals thanks to our Beyond meat options and Fable options. 

You’ll also find gluten free and dairy free tags next to some items, but keep in mind that we can also switch out our buns to gluten free (for $2 extra), so there is definitely some wiggle room. 

As for allergies, you’re best to speak with your individual restaurant, we are more than happy to answer your questions! 

So if you’re busy typing in ‘halal food near me’ and looking for something tasty, consider the above information and make a beeline for the real food and real flavour at your nearest Ribs & Burgers

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