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6 Defries Avenue, Zetland

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crushing Zetland's hunger

Ribs & Burgers Zetland

Have you ever had food envy? That sinking feeling when you look at the meal you ordered, then you look to the meal your friend ordered, and immediately regret your decision?

Food envy isn’t a thing at Ribs & Burgers Zetland. No matter how good your mate’s meal looks, yours will be just as good. We only use succulent cuts of Angus or wagyu beef, we only allow 100% pure grass-fed beef in our burgers, and we only settle for the best in all of our ingredients. Pair that with speedy service, a relaxed atmosphere, and affordable prices, and you won’t have food envy, you’ll have food pride.

Where’s the best food in East Village?

Tenancy 1 APEX Building
6 Defries Avenue, Zetland
Plenty of free shopping centre parking
The bus stop is right outside the centre

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Sun-Thurs: 11:30am – 9:00pm
Fri-Sat: 11:30am – 9:30pm

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Take pride in your Zetland food choices

There’ll be no questioning your food decisions once you take that first bite. We strive for that perfect home-cooked flavour that makes you close your eyes and just marvel at the deliciousness, and ensures you open your eyes and get excited about every bite to follow. And since we’ve got some of the best meals and burgers in Waterloo, we wouldn’t want to leave you feeling anything less than slightly too full, which is why our serving sizes are nothing short of generous.

Come in and see us to relax in our home-style atmosphere, or order Ribs & Burgers food delivery in Zetland or Waterloo for the atmosphere of your own home.

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You said it, we love it, let’s hear it for Ribs & Burgers Zetland!

W. Denise
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Food is delicious especially the chicken wings. Food is halal. Sauce for fries is nice. Burgers are juicy and fresh, staff are friendly.
Gace Xie
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Friendly staffs. Easy access to east village shopping centre car park.
Sydney Food Lover
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With a name such as this, you would expect that this place can deliver excellent ribs and burgers. The ribs are well marinated with the meat literally falling off the bone which is an excellent indication of how well they are cooked. Didn’t try their burgers this time but their grilled chicken is succulent and juicy and is accompanied by a tasty side salad.

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