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Our Specialty Ribs

When you’re thinking of the best ribs restaurant in town, you’d be hard-pressed to go past Ribs & Burgers! We believe our ribs are so good we named our restaurants after them! Oh, and burgers, too.

Slow-cooked for 8 hours and char-grilled to perfection, bring your family and friends into your local ribs restaurant today for mouth-watering ribs, with a side of salty chips or crunchy cabbage salad.

Our chefs know how to prepare the best ribs you’ve ever tasted. Slow-cooked, basted in our own secret BBQ basting and finished on the char grill. This is where melt-in-your-mouth meat takes its name.

Pork Ribs 

Pork ribs are moist and tender and one of the most satisfying cuts of pork meat you can eat. Their small size means the flavour punch is delivered in an easy-to-hold serve.

Lamb Ribs

Lamb ribs have marbling throughout, thin lines of fat. When they’re cooked long and slow, for 8 hours, this marbling delivers a succulent texture and a supreme taste to the ribs.

Beef Ribs

8 hours of slow cooking delivers you the tenderest of beef ribs. The fat turns them tender and tasty, with the meat literally falling off the bone and into your fingers – grab your bibs ladies and gentlemen!

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Check out the full range of ribs and rib feasts we have for you in any of our Ribs & Burgers restaurants around Australia.

Enjoy ribs on their own, or share them with friends and have a feast of ribs and burgers today.

Our New Ribs Fest Range

Our ribs restaurants are having a Ribs Festival! We are bringing the best of America’s Deep South to your local Ribs & Burgers location!

Choose your basting flavour from our selection of new Rib Platters.

Memphis Ribs

The Memphis Ribs have a lingering, smokey taste, with hints of sticky sweet brown sugar. Throw in dashes of vinegar and mustard, and you’ve got yourself some awesome ribs from the home of Blues.

Carolina Ribs

The Carolina ribs have a mustard-based BBQ sauce with some honey added for sweetness. It tingles your tastebuds and lingers on your lips, a sweet and sticky joy to consume.

Alabama Ribs

Alabama ribs are special because their secret sauce is a white sauce. Where you’d expect a tomato-based sauce, Alabama goes a mayo-based sauce, and the difference is worth it. Sweet, tangy and oh so moreish.

Make Your Way To Ribs & Burgers Today!

Come on into your nearest Ribs & Burgers restaurant and try a rack of ribs today. Choose from the regular range of lamb, beef or pork, or try the special American ribs in our Ribs Fest!

Remember, we also have burgers, steaks and milkshakes! Check out all the delicious food on our menu.

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