The R&B Story

The R&B Story

A little bit about little ol' us

The Ribs & Burgers Story

Imagine being a florist, knowing about all the beautiful flowers out there, but only ever seeing weeds in public gardens.

That’s a bit like what it was like for the team behind Ribs & Burgers. With a strong background in butchery, we knew about all the fantastic cuts of beef out there, as well as how to cook them to perfection, but we grew only more and more frustrated as Aussie burger and ribs joints didn’t properly prepare and serve these exceptional meats.

And thus, Ribs & Burgers began, with the goal of offering boutique style quality beef – but without the high price tag or the lengthy wait times.

The proof is in the patties

You don’t need to be a butcher to know a great burger when you meet one. As soon as you walk in the door, you’ll hear the grill crackling with the sounds of hand-prepared, grass-fed, hormone-free, 100% pure beef patties and free range chicken breasts.

You’ll smell our succulent ribs, which spend eight hours being slow cooked in their own juices for a stronger natural flavour. We use a decades-old secret family recipe to truly bring out the best in the meat, and finish these incredible ribs over a flame for tender perfection.

That said, we’re not ALL beef. For our burger buns, we use organic flour and lightly toast the inside for that golden brown crunch you crave. We only use fresh ingredients for our produce, our chips are incredibly addictive, our salads are always freshly cut, and our range of signature sauces add that final cherry on top.

More than just phenomenal food

We’ve put so much effort into our meals, it would be a waste to let other areas lack for attention.

That’s why we’ve outfitted every restaurant with cosy furnishings and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, so you’ll feel right at home. We only hire genuinely lovely people so you’ll receive exceptional friendly service, and we also support local farmers, and sponsor community groups to help those less fortunate.

We believe we’ve covered all the basics of a fantastic meal, so bring in your mates for a great time and even better food.

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