What Is The Best Sauce For A Burger?

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There’s no denying that burgers are delicious, but adding a perfectly paired source is what takes it to the next level. But with so many different types of patties, buns and salad combinations out there, the idea of sourcing the best sauce for a burger can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you! In today’s blog, we’re doing a deep dive into all the different flavour profiles of burger sauce in the hopes of answering that age-old question: what is the best sauce for a burger? Keep reading to find out more. 

The Best Sauce For A Burger With A Beef Patty

A beef burger will always be synonymous with tomato sauce. But many people will agree that one of the best sauces for a beef burger is a mayonnaise-based sauce like aioli, remoulade sauce or garlic aioli. The reason for this is because a mayonnaise-based sauce can give your burger a delicious, creamy and high-quality taste. Plus, it has a neutral flavour – so you’re not drowning out the taste of a perfectly cooked beef pattie and melted cheese with the concentrated sugar and vinegar that is tomato sauce. Creamy, smooth and rich – nothing takes the flavour of a beef burger to the next level quite like spreading an even layer of whole egg mayonnaise on your buns. Try it!

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The Best Sauce For A Chicken Burger

Chicken patties are delicious, but they can be a little on the bland side. But don’t worry, all that means is chicken burgers are the perfect vessel for all kinds of sauce flavours. Especially, with the best sauce for a burger made of your own choosing. When it comes to the best sauce for a chicken burger, two flavour profiles rise to the top: spicy and tangy or slightly sweet. 

Sriracha or chipotle is a great choice for chicken burgers because it has a spicy, tangy and slightly sweet taste that will go perfectly with the rich flavour of a breaded and fried chicken pattie. Depending on your mood, BBQ sauce or peanut satay is also a great sauce for chicken burgers. You can keep a traditional barbecue sauce on the sweet side, which is delicious with chicken patties that have been lightly breaded and fried. 

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The Best Sauce For A Burger With Veggie A Patty

For veggie burgers, there are a variety of sauces that will work perfectly. Just like with chicken patties, the best sauce for a veggie burger is one that can do a little of both sweet and savoury flavours and will always take your veggie burger to the next level. Horseradish sauce is a great choice for veggie burgers because it can add an extra kick of heat alongside a slightly sweet taste that makes your mouth water. Sriracha or chipotle sauce is another great choice for veggie burgers because it will add an extra layer of spice and tanginess to the meal. 

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The Best Sauce For A Vegan Burger

The idea that vegan food can’t be flavourful and satisfying is a common misconception. Not only is there a huge range of vegan burger options out there, but a range of delicious sauces as well. When finding the best sauce for a burger with a vegan patty, you’ll want to make sure your sauce choices are soy based. Soy sauces are naturally sweet and savoury at the same time, making them a great flavour profile for any vegan burger. If you’re looking for the best sauce for a vegan burger, we recommend trying a soy garlic sauce or a soy wasabi mayo. 

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The Best Sauce For A Burger With Lamb Being The Centrefold

For the best sauce for a lamb burger, we recommend trying anything with an aniseed base like tarragon sauce. These sauces have a slightly sweet and spicy taste to them, which goes perfectly with lamb patties. You can also try making your own homemade tzatziki sauce that will add a delicious Greek-style flavour to your burgers.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about pairing the best sauce with the best burgers. Finding the best sauce for a burger is something that can only be achieved by experimentation. That’s why we’ve included a variety of different sauces to help you discover the best sauce for your favourite burgers. 

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