Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like this limited time offer at Ribs & Burgers

cripsy chicken burger
Try our limited time offer of a tasty Double Crunch Chicken Burger for $14.90, or size up with the Crunch Combo for a burger, ribs, and chips for $24.90. ‘Tis the season for celebration, the season for treating ourselves, and the season when we’re all busy trying to do it all and feeling a little worn out.

Ribs & Burgers gets it, which is why we’re putting on a limited time offer that will make your holidays a little easier and a whole lot more tasty. 

Here’s what’s quite literally on the table. 

Double Crunch Chicken Burger $14.90

For this special season, we’ve created the epic Double Crunch Chicken Burger. It’s an incredible combination of crispy chicken with our classic peri seasoning, as well as flavourful salsa, perfectly ripe avocado, fried onion, crisp lettuce, and a splash of chili sauce for added heat and goodness. 

This isn’t a burger you’ll usually find on the Ribs & Burgers menu, but it is the kind of burger that’s love at first bite, so there’s every reason to stop by to try it out while you can. 

The Crunch Combo $24.90 

Festive cheer is a wonderful thing, but it does have a way of making you so busy you don’t have time for much else. In that case, the Crunch Combo could be exactly what you need – it’s filling, it’s fast, and it’s so shockingly tasty that it can even help you to slow down for a moment and simply enjoy a delicious meal amongst the merry madness. 

This combo includes the limited-time-only Double Crunch Chicken Burger, as well as our succulent pork riblet, and a serving of thick, crunchy chips to round out the meal.   

Even when you add a delicious thick shake or a dessert to the order (because it’s Christmas, and you deserve it obviously), that’s a serious deal that you can pick up at any of our Ribs & Burgers locations right now. 

Coming soon… The Aussie Lamb Burger! $14.90 

And because we don’t want to introduce something as amazing as the Double Crunch Chicken Burger only to take it away again, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be launching a mouth-watering Aussie Lamb Burger in late January. 

We’re teaming up with Meat & Livestock Australia to offer a juicy premium lamb burger in the most Australian way possible – with beetroot, feta, onion, tomato, lettuce, and aioli. 

This delicious feast for under $15 will be available at a Ribs & Burgers near you from January 24, making it just in time for an Australia Day celebration. 

Not limited time, but still great 

Aside from limited time offers, Ribs & Burgers always offers warm, old-fashioned service with real food, carefully prepared dishes, and genuine smiles. 

You can pick up one of our special offers for an awesome meal for less than $25 in Randwick or any of our numerous locations around Australia. We’re here for a long time not a limited time, and we can’t wait to wish you a happy holidays with the thing we do best – food.

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