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Welcome to Ribs & Burgers, the best burger restaurant this side of anywhere. Juicy beef burgers and succulent chicken burgers, too. For our vegetarian friends, we have a range of Impossible Burgers, with soy-based patties that taste like real meat.

Burgers are great to share with friends and family. Get yourself into your nearest Ribs & Burgers restaurant, grab a burger, fries and a signature milkshake today.

Shall we meet the burgers? Let’s introduce you to the tastiest burgers you’ll wrap your hands around. And you’ll need both hands as these babies are packed full of flavour.

Beef Burgers

Our beef patties are 100% natural beef. Grass-fed and hormone-free, you get juicy beef patties, 100% chuck and brisket, and 110% taste.

Try an Old School Cheeseburger, with American cheese, red onion, pickles, mayo and more. Or step it up with Bacon and Cheese! Bacon makes anything better. Put it into a burger, and wow, your taste buds will do backflips.

Perhaps the Butcher’s Original burger is for you? Nothing beats an original, and this burger is one of our favourites for a reason.

Mayura Wagyu Burgers

Wagyu is arguably the tastiest beef on the planet. With ripples of flavour throughout, having one of our Mayura Wagyu burgers is a decadent delight that you totally deserve.

Get hot and spicy with a Jalapeno Cheddar burger, or have a simmering heat with our Hickory BBQ burger.

The theory about bacon continues with the Truffle and Bacon burger, fancy, decadent and delicious.

Then there is the King of Burgers- the Wagyu Royale! Wagyu patty, American cheese, lettuce, pickles, mayo, special sauce and onion rings! Food fit for royalty, and for you too.

Chicken Burgers

All our chickens are 100% free range, which produces a better quality of patty.

You can choose from crispy chicken burgers or grilled chicken burgers with peri sauce or tangy lemon and herb.

Vegetarian Burgers

If you’re against eating meat, fear not! We have some Impossible Burgers just for you. Just like the real thing, except the patties are made from soy. They look, feel and taste just like meat, but are more sustainably produced.

We have an Impossible Royale, just like the Wagyu version, with American cheese, onion rings and more. If not, then you can try the Impossible Old School Cheeseburger or the Impossible Butcher’s Original.

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Ribs & Burgers is so much more than just your favourite burger restaurant. We have ribs, steaks, wraps, milkshakes and more! Check out the full menu right here and choose your meal before you arrive.

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Find your closest Ribs & Burgers restaurant, and come on in for a feast of burgers! Or you can have some of our 8-hour slow-cooked ribs, perhaps a steak. The choices are many and delicious.

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