Dietary Info

Dietary Info

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The Halal Menu

At R&B, we share a culture of inclusivity and welcome all customers regardless of their dietary requirements to any of our restaurants internationally.We are not officially a Halal certified restaurant, however, most of our ingredients are sourced from suppliers that have halal certification.

What this means is that:

  • All our beef & chicken is being slaughtered to comply with halal guidelines
  • Our butcher & meat supplier carry a halal meat certification
  • Some of our sauces like burger baste, rib baste and lemon and herb marinade may contain wine and wine vinegar, however, these sauces are cooked thereby allowing for the evaporation of any wine/ vinegar.
  • If you prefer to leave these bastings off, simply let us know and we will happily comply with your request.

At this stage, our kitchens are not set up with separate grills & utensils for non – pork products. This being said, we will gladly clean any equipment/ utensils ahead of preparing your order.

We trust that you will visit any of our restaurants and will welcome any feedback that you might have of your experience!

Allergy List

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