Ribs & Burgers Vegetarian Range

Vegan Burgers
Looking for a great vegetarian feed in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth? Check out our delicious menu!

Burgers are a meal that is best shared with good friends and family. There are some awesome people in this world who are vegetarian, and the Ribs & Burgers team doesn’t want you to miss out on the experience of eating burgers with your crew.

Dive into a world where flavour knows no bounds! Welcome to the Impossible range of vegetarian burgers from Ribs & Burgers. We want everyone to enjoy a Ribs & Burgers experience, and our menu’s flexibility shows this, with delicious options for vegetarians, designed to deliver a rich food experience.Visit one of our many restaurants, or order something from our vegetarian range to pick up and take home with you.

Our Vegetarian Range of Plant-Based Burgers

Welcome to our new range of Impossible Burgers. Plant-based burger patties that look, feel and taste like beef but are made from soy plant protein, sunflower and coconut oils and a whole lot more good stuff.

Everyone can enjoy the two-handed burger-holding delicious juices running down your hand joy that is a burger from Ribs & Burgers!

Impossible Royale

Impossible Royale

This is the undisputed king of Impossible Burgers, with cheese and lettuce and special sauce, of course, pulse tasty, seasoned onion rings and a hunky Impossible patty. Sit tall and proud as you wrap your hands around this Impossible Royale burger.

Impossible Old School Cheese

Impossible Old School Cheese

The team at Ribs & Burgers love old-school – milkshakes and jukeboxes, and, of course, cheeseburgers. Thanks to the Impossible Cheese Burger, old school has gone new school! But we’re still calling it old school. Onions, pickles, cheese and the Impossible patty, feel nostalgic all over again.

Impossible Butchers Original

Impossible Butcher's Original

Our Impossible Butcher’s Original burger hums with that traditional burger feel, with tomato, lettuce, red onion, pickles, and mayo, just like a burger you’d get from your corner fish and chip shop. But! With the Impossible patty in there, we’ve given it a fancy new spin. Try one today!

Make Your Way To Ribs & Burgers Today!

Are you feeling hungry? Want a burger? How about an impossible burger? With the look, feel, and taste of the real meat original, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy it.

Find your closest Ribs & Burgers venue today, let all your friends know to meet you there, choose your impossible burger from our menu, and hurry in to enjoy good food and great company.

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