Weekday lunches at Ribs & Burgers: As quick and easy as they are delicious

Don’t think, just pick from our week-day lunch specials. Each is more delicious and easy than the last, and they’re all great deals at just $15.

Weekdays are hard. Mondays are notoriously challenging, Wednesdays are unkindly known as ‘hump day’, and everyone only celebrates Fridays because it’s almost over. 

But at Ribs & Burgers, we’re here to make your weekdays a whole lot more palatable. Literally. 

We’ve created an all-new week-day lunch menu that gives you plenty of delicious options from Monday to Friday any time before 4pm. All of them are just $15, all of them come with a side of Famous Chips or Peri Slaw, and all of them make your lunch break incredibly quick and easy. 

So you don’t have to overthink meal prep, or figure out when you’ll have a chance to get to the store, or deal with the disappointment of room temperature sandwiches or wilted lettuce in your salad. In fact, you hardly have to think at all.  

Don’t think, just pick. 

Chicken & Mayo Wrap (peri)

This Chicken & Mayo Wrap with crisp lettuce and peri sauce is the perfect meal for when you want something to spice up your day without weighing you down. 

It’s light and incredibly tasty, with fresh ingredients and a toasty warm wrap adding a touch of cosiness. Opt for the Famous Chips as your side to make it a comfort meal, or try the Peri Slaw to keep it on the lighter side. 

Try it once and be warned, you’ll want to keep coming back for it every day. 


When we say our week-day lunch menu is lunch made easy, we mean it, and there’s no better example than this classic Ribs & Burgers cheeseburger. 

Made with our iconic beef patty and joined by American cheese, pickles and mustard, this burger hits all the right spots. It will fill you up and satisfy those lunch cravings in a jiffy, and even if you have to get back to the desk, at least you’ll go with a full stomach and happy taste buds. 

Don’t forget to add water or a can of soft drink for just $2 to round out this meal. 

Chicken & Mayo Wrap (lemon & herb) 

Never fear, wrap lovers – we’re giving you more than one wrap to choose from. This Chicken & Mayo wrap comes with a perfectly balanced lemon & herb seasoning, which adds a beautiful zestiness to your lunch with flavourful herbs to pack a taste punch. 

This is a great option for a meal in a hurry that fills you up quickly, and doesn’t lack when it comes to flavour or nutrition. It’s also easy to eat on the go if it’s just one of those days, but best enjoyed by giving yourself a moment to slow down and simply think about nothing more than how each mouthful is the perfect mix of satisfyingly tasty, crunchy, and warm. 

The OG Flame Grilled Burger 

Are you looking for a meal so good that it will make you forget that it’s even a weekday? The OG Flame Grilled Burger exists on our week-day lunch menu for just that reason. 

With a marinated, flame grilled chicken breast at its heart, with fresh tomato, lettuce, onion and a generous serving of mayo, this is a classic chicken burger that ticks all the boxes and then some. 

It’s especially good on a chilly day, but honestly does the trick on any day that ends in a ‘y’. 

Chicken Cabbage Salad 

Need something light so you don’t end up in too much of a food coma at your desk? Don’t think, just pick the Chicken Cabbage Salad. 

It’s loaded with flame-grilled chicken breast that has been basted with our classic lemon & herb marinade for oodles of flavour. Then there’s the greenery, which is so much more than just a few bits of lettuce – it includes red and white cabbage with kale, pepitas, apple, cucumber, herbs, and a honey mustard dressing. 

It’s a light and easy salad, but one that will fill you up without weighing you down. 

Golden Tenders 

Do you like to keep things simple? But still want something that’s satisfyingly crunchy, comfortingly warm, and effortlessly tasty? 

We’ve got just the thing – Golden Chicken Tenders. Three of them in fact, with a hefty portion of aioli for dipping. 

And don’t forget that a side of Famous Chips or peri slaw comes with your meal, so you’ll have more than just tenders to fill you up. 

This is definitely a great choice for a tough day. 

Chicken Wedge Salad 

This Chicken Wedge Salad is a salad that redefines what it means to be a salad. 

Order this dish for a huge flavour hit with our classic lemon and herb chicken piled high on a bed of wedge iceberg lettuce with feta, bacon, croutons, salsa, vinaigrette and ranch dressing. It’s all about the perfect mix of crunchy textures, fresh lettuce, flavourful chicken, and pops of deliciousness with the bacon and feta. 

It’s a fast favourite for anyone who tries it, and a fast and easy meal for week-day warriors everywhere. 

Pulled BBQ Beef Brisket Wrap 

Pulled BBQ beef brisket is a succulent rich meal that takes a long time to prepare well. But this Pulled BBQ Beef Brisket Wrap can be in your hands in just minutes for one of the tastiest and easiest mid-week lunches around. 

Joining the beef in the wrap are lettuce, salsa, ranch and peri mayo for a well-balanced meal that will make all your workmates drool over the appetising aromas wafting from your desk. Pair it with Famous Chips if you’re really hungry or the Peri Slaw for something a little lighter. 

 Lunch made easy with Ribs & Burgers 

All these incredible week-day meals are available now before 4pm at your nearest Ribs & Burgers. They’re all just $15 and include your choice of either Famous Chips or Peri Slaw, with the option of adding a drink for $2 more. That makes it one of the best value meals in town, not to mention being incredibly quick, easy, and delicious. 

Order online for pick-up to go, or come in for a quick meal in a restaurant for a break from your workplace.

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