Three words: Gourmet, Wagyu, Burgers

Gourmet Wagyu Burgers
Ribs & Burgers has just launched gourmet Wagyu burgers. These options promise an unparalleled burger dining experience unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

The classic burger is something of a contradiction in food. It is both a beloved staple – a favourite treat – and a meal that is generally known for being of low quality. 

Ribs & Burgers has long defeated this stereotype, proving that burgers can be made with excellent quality grass-fed, hormone-free beef, buns from a boutique baker, and absolutely no additives or unpronounceable ingredients. 

Even so, we’ve just stepped things up a rather large notch. This time, we’ve taken our passion for genuine, hearty food, and combined it with one of the most gourmet meat products on the market – Wagyu. 

Wagyu beef has become a prized meal in recent times, earning and deserving its many accolades as the crème de la crème for all things steak and beef. It comes from a particular breed of cattle, and the difference in the final taste, tenderness and texture of the beef is unparalleled. 

So we went and put it in a burger. 

In particular, four gourmet Wagyu burgers that have raised the bar to Mt Everest levels of burger quality. They are each unlike any burger you’ve ever tasted, and have all been crafted by talented chefs who follow the Ribs & Burgers ethos of genuine food, real ingredients, and unwavering quality in every bite. 

What is Wagyu?

Wagyu is a type of Japanese cattle. The word itself simply means ‘Japanese cow’. 

Originally used as draft animals, they were therefore selected and bred for their endurance. As a result, cattle with more intra-muscular fat (known to foodies as marbling) were selected for breeding, because it gave them greater sources of energy. 

Today, modern Wagyu cattle therefore have naturally high levels of fat marbling, which is a large factor in making the beef more tender, juicy, and flavourful. Any steak or beef dish made with Wagyu is deemed to be a superior beef, and is highly prized amongst chefs and diners everywhere as an unrivalled eating experience. 

When you pair that with a top quality suppler such as Mayura Station, our expert chefs can create something truly special when you dine with us. 

Mayura Station: Australia’s most accredited Wagyu providore

Mayura Station is Australia’s most accredited Wagyu providore, and the source for all the Wagyu beef we serve at Ribs & Burgers across the country. It was originally established in 1845, making it one of the oldest pastoral operations around, as well as one of the most respected. 

The station is located in the Limestone Coast of South Australia, where its picturesque rolling hills provide some of the best farmland in Australia. The soils are rich, the climate is blissfully moderate, the water is clean, and the rainfall is regular and reliable. All told, it’s an idyllic place, and one that’s ideal for producing top quality, award-winning Wagyu. 

As Wagyu is relatively new to Australia, the full-blood cattle were imported to the station in 1997. These pedigree cattle have ensured ongoing quality as the distinguishing factor for the station, making their list of awards and accreditations as long as our Wagyu burgers are delicious. 

The Wagyu Royale

The Wagyu Royale is a classic burger that’s also nothing like any classic burger you’ve ever tried. 

It all begins with the Mayura Wagyu patty, which is surrounded by fresh crispy lettuce and red onion, pickles sourced from a boutique pickler in New York, mayo, seasoned onion rings, and our special sauce. And of course, all of that is loaded into our specialty bun, which was created with a talented baker for just the right flavour, texture, and bounce. 

Of the four Wagyu burgers on our menu, this is the one to start with, so you can easily get a taste for this exceptional beef and the difference it makes to a ‘standard’ burger dish. 

Hickory BBQ

The Hickory BBQ Wagyu Burger takes flavour to the next level. 

You get our sensational Wagyu patty, a fresh layer of lettuce and red onion, a rich and gooey cheese sauce, our boutique pickles, mayo, and a generous dollop of hickory bourbon BBQ sauce for that tangy, smoky flavour profile that so perfectly pairs with beef. 

This burger allows the Wagyu to shine, but balances it with a fan favourite BBQ sauce for one of the best burgers you’ve ever had. 

Pepper Jack Jalapeno

The Pepper Jack Jalapeno Wagyu burger is for anyone who loves a bit of a kick in their meals. 

This Wagyu patty comes with spicy Pepper Jack cheese, the cool freshness of lettuce and red onion, crispy jalapenos to keep things interesting, mayo, and peri mayo for a final subtle flavour hit. 

With the heat of the jalapenos and spicy cheese, this is a phenomenal burger that once you try once, it will make it hard to even try our other Wagyu options. 

Truffle & Bacon

For the ultimate flavour connoisseur, it doesn’t get much more indulgent than our Truffle & Bacon Wagyu burger. 

Our Gourmet Wagyu patty is joined in the bun by heavenly streaky bacon, lettuce for something green, mayo, and truffle mayo for an exquisite flavour profile like you won’t find anywhere else.

This burger is rich, indulgent, and perfectly balanced. It is the gourmet of gourmet burgers, and a must-try for anyone who adores truffle. 

Go gourmet at Ribs & Burgers 

When you want a burger, but not just any burger, Ribs & Burgers is the place to go. These gourmet Wagyu burgers set the standard for exceptional meals, and offer diners a number of carefully crafted menu items to enjoy Wagyu to your tastes. 

View our menu, order online, or simply make a beeline to your nearest Ribs & Burgers to discover Wagyu for yourself today

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