Presenting Ribs Fest! Inspired by the deep south USA

When you think of good ol’ American barbecue, you must think about ribs. Spicey and bitey, hot and smokey, sweet and dripping on your fingers.

Ribs & Burgers is having a BBQ Ribs Fest inspired by the deep south USA! Three of the best rib regions in the world are coming to a Ribs & Burgers near you!

Experience the sweet, smokey taste of Memphis or the biting tang of a Carolina rack of ribs. Or how about ribs smothered in Alabama White BBQ Sauce?

Pick your taste destination and hold onto your napkins! Big hats are optional, but bibs are a must! 

Everything You could want in a platter 

Get ready to dive into our Rib Fest range, where you’ll snag all the bells and whistles straight to your platter! Picture this: perfectly balanced flavours of each basting, accompanied by a side of pickles, jalapenos & corn slaw. And oh, don’t forget to munch on our Famous Chips, dipped in BBQ sauce or herbed mayo, while you enjoy a soft bread roll to soak up all those delicious juices. Feeling the hunger pangs yet?

A hearty American ribs feast is waiting for you to devour!

Memphis Ribs With Smokey BBQ Sauce


With hints of brown sugar and a lingering smokey taste, the Memphis rib basting goes perfectly with our 8-hour slow-cooked ribs from Ribs & Burgers. With dashes of mustard and vinegar, these unique smokey BBQ ribs stand head and shoulders above regular BBQ ribs.

Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

Carolina 23 Presenting Ribs Fest! Inspired by the deep south USA

The Carolina Gold basting is a flavour explosion! A mustard-based BBQ sauce that zips and nips at your taste buds as you chow down on your ribs. It has a little bit of a bite to it, a lingering sizzle as you lick your lips, and a hint of honey that lingers. 

Alabama with White BBQ Sauce

Alabama 26 Presenting Ribs Fest! Inspired by the deep south USA

Our Alabama basting sauce is a tangy BBQ sauce that is different from the rest. Where you’d normally think a BBQ sauce would have a tomato base, the Alabama basting sauce has a mayonnaise base, with vinegar, sugars and spices to give it a full-bodied, sweet and tangy flavour.

Make Your Way To Ribs & Burgers Today!

Shake your hips and lick your lips people! Get yourself to your closest Ribs & Burgers for a once in a lifetime taste sensation. American style ribs right here in the wide brown land of Australia.

If ribs aren’t your thing, we’re well known for our fantastic burgers, too, and our shakes. Check them out on our menu for a rib alternative. Available from the 22nd of April. See you soon!

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