Our tips for eating sticky BBQ ribs

Our tips for eating sticky ribs
Juicy, tender, sticky, hot, crispy, flavourful, and utterly delicious - BBQ ribs are in a class of their own when it comes to mouth-watering meals. And of course, ‘sticky’ is just part of the experience.

The BBQ ribs at Ribs & Burgers are the real deal, and they’re certainly not the kind of cutesy, finger food you’ll find flawless influencers nibbling tidily. They’re the kind of meal you order when you’re serious about flavours not photos, and whether you’re after a Pork St Louis, a classic Pork Baby Back, or the epic Beef Full Rack, you can expect things to get a little messy. 

Here are our tips for how to eat ribs like a pro. 

The Napkin King: Use napkins 

Napkins are your greatest ally when facing down a plate filled with hearty, sticky ribs. 

One gets tucked into your shirt like a bib. One goes in each hand so you can pick up the ribs with your fingers without getting the stickiness all over yourself.

And here’s the real pro move: One must be wetted and left ready to clean off your fingers and wipe down your face once you’re finished the meal. You’re welcome! 

The Mannerly: Use a knife and fork

Look, using a knife and fork to eat beef short ribs or spare ribs is a bit like using chopsticks to eat a pizza, but our job is to make the ribs you’ve ever had, not to judge you for how you eat them. 

In all fairness, a knife and fork will keep you, your fingers, the table, and your face mostly free of delicious BBQ ribs residue. On the other hand, we’re not sure how a knife and fork will let you pick up the bones and tear off the final little strips of meat at the end (you can’t deny you love this part).

Although we do understand if it’s a date night and you desperately wanted the ribs but still want to look somewhat refined in front of your new paramour. You can always encourage them to have the ribs as well so you’re in the same boat for a beautiful bonding experience. 

The Prepared: Tie your hair back

Long-haired ladies and gentlemen, those luscious locks are a sight to behold, but they’re just not practical when it comes to the stickiest and juiciest of BBQ ribs (ours). 

Don’t forget to bring a hair tie to tuck back those tresses, as we all know that it’s one thing for hair to get in the way of a good meal, and something else entirely for those strands to end up sticking to your face by the end of the night. That’s just a shameful waste of basting. 

The Pig-in-the-mud: Get stuck in

 How often are you faced with premium ribs, slow cooked for a fuller flavour, and prepared with a 35-year-old secret recipe sauce that will have you craving another bite the second you’ve finished the first? 

How often do you find BBQ ribs that have been finished over a flame for the perfect crispy skin, yet succulent and tender meat? 

Not often. Or probably, however often you visit your pals at Ribs & Burgers. So we say – get messy. 

Accept your fate as a sticky, saucy, satisfied mess. Start with clean fingers (we’re not savages) and dive into those ribs like a pig in mud and don’t come up for air until you’re finished and grinning happily. 

We’ll show you the way to the bathrooms so you can clean yourself up afterwards, and give you a high five on the way back to your seat. 

If you’re in Randwick make sure to pay us a visit so you can come in and test these chef-approved, foodie-endorsed, not-influencer-OK’d techniques for yourself. Alternatively, you can find your nearest Ribs & Burgers

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