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The Ribs & Burgers ZA Menu

While you Wait

A little something before the main event…

Your first bite of our Mighty Golden Tenders will make you stop and stare around at this wondrous new heaven you’ve found yourself in.

Slow Cooked Ribs

 Cooked low and slow for 8 hours, then flame grilled.
Served with Regular chips or regular Apple Cabbage Walnut Slaw or Brown Rice & Red Quinoa salad.

Tasty Burgers

All burgers are cooked MEDIUM with our signature basting on a seeded brioche milk bun.
If you would like your burger cooked well done, please notify us when ordering.

It’s hard to go past the Butcher’s Original burger. This classic beef patty is the product of countless tireless hours of taste testing and many more hours sourcing some of the most premium cuts of meat in South Africa.
There are some things in life that are better left exactly as they are. Like the original Ghostbusters movie. And like a classic Old School Cheese Burger. When something is so perfect already, why change it?
More attractive than Chris Hemsworth, more saucy than Margot Robbie, and outright more Australian than Russell Crowe (who was really born in New Zealand), the Aussie burger is a national icon.

South Afican Wagyu, the finest breed in SA for the most flavoursome experiance. Served with Regular chips or regular Apple Cabbage Walnut Slaw or Brown Rice & Red Quinoa salad.

Do you ever struggle to choose between an epic steak, and a hearty burger? Well do we have some exceptionally great news for you…
Chicken Burgers
We’ve taken our classic grilled chicken, lashed it with copious amounts of either zesty lemon and herb or Chilli basting and served it up with fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, and real onion.
Meatless Burgers
Beyond tasty, beyond cheesy, and even beyond meaty - this Beyond Old School Cheese is a burger like no other with it’s plant-based patty that looks and tastes just like the real deal.
Once upon a time there was a meatless patty that longed to be loved like its meaty step-patties. It knew that it was just as worthy, and just as tasty – all it wanted was a chance.

Carb Free – Lettuce cup filled with rocket, tomato, onion salsa and vinaigrette dressing.
Available for all burgers.

Knife & Fork

Served with Regular chips or regular Apple Cabbage Walnut Slaw or Brown Rice & Red Quinoa salad.

A 500g beautiful hunk of meat! 500g, basted and flame - grilled & steak sauce of your choice.

Wraps & Bowls

Tasty tasty wraps – get in my belly.

Juicy chunks of lamb shoulder, crispy lettuce, and cucumber, all wrapped up in a soft tortilla - this is a gift for your taste buds that you won’t want to unwrap.
Low Carb

Salads & Sides

Something a little lighter? Or perhaps a saucy side to go with your rack of ribs?

Add GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST to any salad for R25

You won’t find any wilted bits of chopped cabbage, or dry, browning bites of apple in our salad – it’s all fresh produce that promises a healthy crunch with every bite.
Gluten Friendly, Low Carb, Dairy Free




There are times in life when all you need is a generous serving of steaming hot potato chips.




Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and golden all over, our Sweet Potato Fries are the kind of thing you daydream about during work at 3pm on a Monday.
When you’re at home, there’s always a huge pile of dips and sauces to choose from – even if you do have to smack the bottle against your hand to get it out.


It’s hard to imagine a way that could possibly make our ribs, burgers, wraps, and meals even better, but we’ve brought together our greatest minds, thought hard, and made it happen. We call it: extras. Our extras are all available for pocket change, and can add an extra serving of your favourite ingredients to your meal, or turn our menu items into a foodie masterpiece of your own making. Choose from avocado, bacon, Swiss cheese, American cheese, and egg, to add that something ‘extra’ to your meal for a personalised dish. As always, our extras represent a list of fresh produce, premium meat, and exceptional quality dairy, giving you even more goodness in every bite.

Little Butcher

A little something to keep the kids happy while you enjoy your meal.
Served with chips.

Add a REGULAR THICKSHAKE to any Little Butcher Meal for R39





If you can’t have dessert before dinner, at least you can have it at the same time as your dinner with this sweet chocolate thickshake
Sweet, frosty, thick, refreshing and just a little bit salty – there’s so much that’s right about our Salted Caramel Thickshake that it’s the kind of drink that can make you forget you’ve got a delicious burger in front of you as well. It’s also the kind of drink that you pop in for on a hot day when you just want something tasty to cool you down and satisfy that snack craving.
We would never even consider serving up a meal that’s anything less than mouthwatering complete perfection. However, a burger without a drink is like Sherlock without Watson, like Han Solo without Chewy, like Batman without Robin. Still amazing mind you, but not the unstoppable pair they could be.




Like a fine white wine pairs perfectly with a fish meal, this Milo Thickshake is simply made to complement your Ribs & Burgers feast.

Iced Drinks

We also have a selection of beer, wine, soft drinks, coffees, teas and hot chocolate, or raid your own cellar – BYO – free corkage.

Boozy Shakes


Served with ice cream & condiments

Sinfully divine, rich chocolate brownie slice filled with pecan nuts roasted to perfection and served with dreamy creamy ice-cream

Please advise staff if you have any allergies.
Prices may vary across third party delivery service providers.