Home-made Dips

When you’re at home, there’s always a huge pile of dips and sauces to choose from – even if you do have to smack the bottle against your hand to get it out.

At Ribs & Burgers, we want you to feel so comfortable and welcomed that it’s just like being cosy in your own dining room, so we’ve got a range of dipping sauces to choose from right here in store. You don’t even need to hit anything to get your fries on them (we’d really prefer it if you didn’t hit anything). Just pick your favourite from our selection of Chilli Mayo, Aïoli, Ranch, Peri-Peri Sauce, Blue Cheese Ranch, Tzatziki, Mayo, Chipotle Pink Sauce, and our R&B Special sauce. We’re generous with our serving sizes so you won’t have to ration out a little for each chip and we won’t even judge you if you like mixing together odd combinations.


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