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Ribs & Burgers Neighbourhood Square ZA

Some people eat to live, but us – we live to eat!

Once upon a time there was a little ribs and burgers joint that dreamed of growing up and being home to the best burgers in South Africa. That joint was called Ribs & Burgers, and that dream is turning into reality with the opening of our 4th restaurant in the trendy Neighbourhood Square.

Today we look back on those times fondly – those times when we sampled hundreds of burger patties to find just the right one, and those times when we nicked a 35-year old secret family recipe (it’s not stealing when it’s your own family) to create our flawless flame-grilled ribs. We’re still using 100% pure beef, fresh ingredients across the board, and top-notch service to deliver it all to our customers. And if our customers think we’ve got the best Neighbourhood Square food to be tasted, we’re likely to believe them.

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