Butcher’s Original Burger

It’s hard to go past the Butcher’s Original burger. This classic beef patty is the product of countless tireless hours of taste testing and many more hours sourcing some of the most premium cuts of meat in South Africa.

Without any additives or chemicals, and with only 100% premium hormone-free, grass-fed beef, we’re serving up a burger so tasty you won’t just be lost for words, you’ll be far too busy eating to try to bother finding them again. We pair this flawless patty with your classic burger dwellers – lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles, with a generous slather of BBQ and Aunty Joan’s pink sauce. Just make sure to pick up a couple of serviettes before you start eating- the Butcher’s Original is far too delicious to eat delicately.

Butcher's Original

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