Fillet Steak Roll

Do you ever struggle to choose between an epic steak, and a hearty burger? Well do we have some exceptionally great news for you…

Have you ever eaten steak from a roll? Out of all the crazy things you could do today, trying this Chilli or BBQ Cheese Steak Roll is easily the most delicious. A steak’s natural habitat may be on a plate, but this dish is one that will prove trying new things is well worth it. We start with our premium 150g fillet steak and give it a healthy dose of our chilli or BBQ basting, then we add Swiss cheese, fresh lettuce, caramelised onion, pickles, mustard, aioli, tomato, and barbeque sauce for an incredible fusion of flavours and textures all – quite literally – rolled into one.

Fillet Steak Roll

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