Why Is Wagyu So Expensive?

Why Is Wagyu So Expensive, Is Wagyu beef worth the price

Why Is Wagyu So Expensive? A question that arises often in our line of work. So it’ll be our pleasure at Ribs & Burgers to answer it for you!

When it comes to steak, there is a specific kind that seems to excite foodies and those simply looking for a delicious meal alike. The mere mention of it conjures up images of fatty, tender meat, with a uniquely exquisite flavour.

So, what is this steak that we’re referring to? It is, of course, the famed Wagyu. The Wagyu steak has a melt-in-your-mouth texture with not a chewy cut in sight. But, it is its taste that has meat aficionados going wild, whilst other cuts may require sauces and sides to bring out the true flavour, the rich taste of the Wagyu is decadent enough with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper. 

However, as with many divine things, Wayu is often very expensive, which has us asking ourselves, why is Wagyu so expensive? Is it worth the hefty price tag? Within this blog, we’ll investigate what makes this steak so costly and whether it deserves an extravagant cost.

In this blog we will be discussing the reasons behind the price expenses surrounding wagyu: 

Chuck & Brisket, Why is Wagyu so expensive, Is Wagyu beef worth the price

Why Is Wagyu So Expensive?

Whilst Wagyu is a cut of beef, it’s far from an ordinary piece of meat. It is known for its rich flavour, tenderness, fat percentage and buttery texture. But whilst this certainly makes up a fine piece of meat, this still doesn’t answer what exactly makes it so expensive. Previously we have discussed the history of wagyu beef, but today we’ll why is Wagyu so expensive and why it’s worth it. Whilst it’s certainly world-renowned, Wagyu comes from Japan, a country that has significantly less space in which to breed its cattle due to the geographical layout, making the industry far smaller than other parts of the world.  

The Japanese feedlots tend to range from 10-100 cattle as opposed to the thousands in other parts of the world, this smaller number allows the cattle to be uniquely tended to and cared for by farmers whose lives are dedicated to their cattle. The cattle are then placed on a special high-energy diet for approximately 600-700 days which in turn requires far more resources and of course time, in contrast, regular cattle tend to only be fed for around 120 days. 

Though this extensive process is not for nothing, it allows the Wagyu to fully mature and marble. How the cattle are cared for is also a factor, they are raised in low-stress conditions as stress can allow the beef to become tough over time. All of these costly aspects contribute to the final product, a buttery, delicious cut of steak, which of course in turn requires a higher price point.  

Is Wagyu Beef Worth The Price?

So now that we’ve answered the question “Why is Wagyu so expensive?” It’s time to decide whether or not it is worth it. The answer of course is yes it is, and here’s why. Anybody who bites into a delicious piece of Wagyu can instantly tell the difference between it and a regular piece of steak. The flavour is far richer than the alternative, but it is the distinctive marbling that truly makes it worth it.

The marbling comes from the intramuscular fat cells and these cells are distributed pretty evenly throughout the body of the cattle thanks to the conditions in which they are raised. This process gives Wagyu its pink and marbled appearance with a delightfully tender texture. Whilst other varieties of beef can still be delicious, the difference in how they are raised means they will not have the same marbling results and therefore the texture will not be nearly as soft. Now, are you starting to feel curious? Why don’t you try out our delicious Wagyu Royale burger at Ribs & Burgers and determine is Wagyu beef worth the price? Food for thought!

But to double down on why is Wagyu so expensive? It contains a higher fat percentage which may sound a little scary, but it is most certainly a good thing. These fat cells melt into the muscle fibre of the steak which in turn means it retains more of the delicious flavour as well as moisture. The steak also contains higher levels of oleic acid which is a healthy fatty acid, so not only is it delicious but it’s actually pretty good for you, which explains why wagyu beef is the best in the world. So to answer the question once and for all, is Wagyu beef worth the price? We’d have to say a resounding yes. 

How Should I Serve It?

So, now that you know that Wagyu is worth the cost, it’s time to find out where can you get it and once you do, how is it served. In terms of purchasing Wagyu that you would like to prepare yourself, it’s best to go to a verified and reputable specialty butcher to ensure that you’re paying for the real deal. Alternatively, similarly, reputable restaurants, especially Japanese restaurants will ensure that you get the finest quality Wagyu that will afford you the delicious taste and texture. Or, you can opt for a more wallet-friendly option through our premium Ribs & Burgers menu.

When choosing to serve it yourself, the rule of thumb is the simpler the better. Let the bold flavour profile do the talking, so simply add some salt and pepper to the finished product for a decadent and uncomplicated experience. Serve with crisp and light vegetables such as sauteed greens and a medium to full-bodied wine to accompany it, our pick would be a beautiful bottle of Shiraz. 


When it comes to why is Wagyu so expensive, the price can be quite steep but it is most definitely worth it. From the rare marbling appearance to the buttery texture and divine flavour, this meat is unlike any other. We would definitely recommend tasting it. So why not visit Ribs & Burgers, as we offer a delicious range of decadent Wagyu burgers for you to try for yourself? Pop down to your nearest Ribs & Burgers location today for your very own Wagyu experience.

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