Why does a burger taste so good after a late night out?

Why do burgers taste so good after a night out?
The night is young, you’re only on your first drink, you haven’t yet worked up the courage to get on the D floor and wiggle your hips to the latest Ariana Grande banger - but you already know exactly how this all ends.

With a piping hot and perfectly delicious burger from Ribs & Burgers. You’ve already decided whether it’ll be a chicken burger or a beef burger, you already know which side you’ll pick (loaded cheesy chips, probably), and you already can’t wait for that first satisfying bite. 

But why does it all taste that good? Why is it that much more satisfying than your standard Ribs & Burgers meal (which is already pretty highly satisfying). We investigate. 

The anticipation

The anticipation starts building the second you step out your front door. You know it’ll be a night of fun, laughter, adventure, meeting new people, and, like a carby cherry on top, a burger to seal the deal. 

It’s in the back of your mind all night, and this build-up makes the eventual experience that much more satisfying.

The warmth 

Early in the evening you dressed for warm weather and warm dance floors. Who needs a jacket when it’s hot out and you’ll be inside all night? 

Hours later, you’re tired, it’s not nearly so warm outside, you could do with a nice blanket to wrap around you, and there’s nothing more enticing than a fresh and hot burger and fries to give you a cosy hug from within and make it all better. 

The refuel 

By this point in the evening, it’s probably been a while since your last meal. You’ve probably also danced up a storm, wandered from one place to the next, and thoroughly worn yourself out chatting and laughing with friends. You’ve practically run a marathon, so surely it’s time to refuel with something filled with protein, carbs, and the goodness that is our secret sauce? 

Those last few steps into the Ribs & Burgers doors are like crossing the finish line, so go and get your reward you trooper. 

The chance to discuss the night 

Everyone has that friend who disappears early in the night and isn’t seen again for an hour or two. Where did they go, and what adventures befell them during their exploits? What about that drama that went on with the people in front of you in line at the bar? Or the potential sighting of an old flame? 

All of these moments deserve careful dissection and discussion, and there’s no better place to do that than inside a welcoming Ribs & Burgers with a tasty burger in your hands. 

The fact that it really is that good 

Why does a beef burger or a chicken burger from Ribs & Burgers taste so good after a night out? Because they also taste so good before a night out, and on your work lunch break on a weekday, and as a quiet Sunday night takeaway at home, and as a mid-week dinner out. 

Perhaps you appreciate it more after a big night, but Ribs & Burgers really is that good all the time! Swing by one of our newest locations on William Street in Perth for your next late-night burger heaven. 

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