What is the Burger Revolution?

Burger Revolution
Without even knowing it, Ribs & Burgers has been part of the Burger Revolution since its early days. Here’s what it is, and how we’re leading the trend.

The classic burger is the staple of quick and easy fast food. You don’t expect it to be that great, but you do expect it to be hot, cheap, filling, and decently loaded with cheese and carbs that it hits all the right spots. 

All in all, a pretty good meal. 

But the Burger Revolution has changed all that, and it’s taken a pretty good meal and turned it into something truly great (without losing the magic of the classic). 

What is the Burger Revolution? 

The Burger Revolution is the name for the new wave of burgers that are popping up around Australia and the world. 

No more are burgers the easy and greasy fast food go-to, but a genuinely flavourful meal created by skilled chefs with fresh, quality ingredients. 

The revolution has essentially given burgers a promotion from the fast food menu to genuine a la carte menus in restaurants. It has deconstructed the classic burger piece by greasy piece, then put it back together with only the best ingredients, and in a way only a talented chef could. 

Vive la revolution! At Ribs & Burgers 

When Ribs & Burgers began way back in 2011, the Burger Revolution was in its infancy. But our founders had backgrounds in butchery, and while they weren’t aiming to become part of the most important revolution of our time (possibly), they certainly became the centre of it in Australia. 

They saw that there simply weren’t any premium, boutique-style well-priced burgers in Sydney, and instead of sitting around dreaming about such a thing, they launched their first eatery. 

Of course, the heart of the burger is the patty, which is why they spent months perfecting the recipe. They crafted and tasted hundreds of iterations of patties to finally decide on the ultimate burger patty. 

It was comprised of selected cuts of 100% premium, grass-fed and hormone-free beef, with no weird additives or cheap fillers. Then it was flame grilled by a real chef. And it was perfect. 

The revolution lives on 

Today, Ribs & Burgers have expanded our burger revolution in more ways than one. Not only are Ribs & Burgers stores all over Australia (and the world, hi UK and South Africa), we’ve also continued to improve our fare. 

For example, the pickles aren’t the standard store-bought kind. We bring them in from a boutique pickler in New York. 

We’ve also introduced Beyond Meat burgers, other vegetarian options, buns developed by a well-known baker, house-made buttermilk marinade for our crispy chicken burgers, and so much more. 

They’re still hot, filling, decently loaded with carbs and cheese (especially the Old School Cheese), and at least affordable if not cheap-cheap, but the premium quality and the restaurant experience don’t even belong in the same sentence as fast food.  

Our burgers have evolved, and so have we, and we’re proud and excited to be part of the revolution. Come on in and be part of it with us. 

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