What Does Wagyu Taste Like? All Your Questions Answered

What does Wagyu taste like

Wagyu meat or Wagyu steak, you might not instinctively know the flavour, but you most certainly know the name. This is one of the most sought-after types of beef in the world. The cut of meat is known for its exquisite and unique flavour profile, as well as its unique marbling.

But why is this elusive steak so sought after, and what does Wagyu taste like exactly? Today we explore all the questions you may have in reference to the incredible cut of meat that is Wagyu. So if you’re curious, read on to find out more, or maybe just order online at Ribs & Burgers through pick up to truly experience it and answer once for all, what does wagyu taste like? 

Now – onto Wagyu and what does Wagyu taste like?

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What Is Wagyu?

Wagyu beef is a name that is well known amongst the steak-loving community, it’s a delicacy, it’s delicious, but what actually is it? Well, firstly when you’re looking into this special steak, keep in mind it is pronounced wag-yu, not wa-gu, a common mispronunciation. Now, to put it simply, Wagyu means Japanese cow. 

This exquisite cut of meat can be found in four different types of Japanese cattle and has a unique marbling quality. Whilst other pieces of steak will likely have a fat cap encasing the meat when it comes to Wagyu, the cow metabolises the steak internally which makes it integrated within the muscle. This in turn is where the unique marbling that is associated with Wagyu comes from. 

Does this sound truly delicious? Is your mouth watering at the thought of tasting some of this exquisite meat? Does it answer your question, what does Wagyu taste like? Then check out our offering of Wagyu burgers at Ribs & Burgers, specifically, our heavenly Big Cheese & Bacon Wagyu Burger

What Does Wagyu Taste Like?

Now that you know what Wagyu beef is, you might be wondering what does Wagyu taste like? Well, there’s a reason it’s famous. This cut of beef will melt in your mouth delicious, it has an almost buttery texture that still holds firmness, without being chewy. When you finally bite into it you’ll be met by an explosion of umami flavour and subtly sweet taste that makes it truly unique. 

Due to this complex explosion of flavours, we would recommend pairing it with more subtle vegetables, so as not to compete with the main event. Think sauteed greens or crispy lettuce. Alternatively, you could opt for large hot chips, roasted potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and onions. 

However, the question remains, what does wagyu taste like? Trust us when we say this, it is too delicious to pass up – head over to Ribs & Burgers to check out our Wagyu burger offerings today.

What Makes Wagyu Unique?

Typically, when you think of meat, fat sounds like the wrong thing, right? Well, with Wagyu this is in fact incorrect. That’s right, you want the fat this time! The marbling we referred to earlier refers to the layer of intramuscular fat, this is the fat that is found within the muscle. The unique genetics of the cow means that the meat contains a higher proportion of fatty acids than the more traditional meats, which is where that unique marbling comes from. 

The higher this score, the more juicy and flavoursome the meat is, this is why it is so sought after. If this sounds truly delectable then you should try out the king of the Wagyu burgers, our Wagyu Royale! Available at Ribs & Burgers. 

Wagyu is truly the finest meat in the world. The delicacy manages to be tender yet firm. Flavourful yet not overpowering. Hopefully, we properly contextualise what does wagyu taste like? But, describing the idea of what does wagyu taste like can only take you so far. After all, there is only one thing to do, try our delicious Wagyu Cheese & Caramelised Onion burger today and tell us what you think!

So, if you’re looking to discover what does wagyu taste like for the first time or looking for your very own cut of Wagyu, or perhaps you’re looking to expand your horizons and check out another cut, check out your local Ribs & Burgers for the ultimate taste explosion. 

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