What To Make With Wagyu Ground Beef?

Wagyu Ground Beef, What To Make With Wagyu Ground Beef?

Have you ever wondered about the many varieties of Wagyu, whether it is wagyu ground beef or wagyu meat itself. If you’ve come to this blog it’s probably because you’ve experienced the succulent and juicy creation that is Wagyu steak, and now you want to know how else can I include this in my life. Well, we have the answer, delicious comfort food. You know the kind, the thought of it instantly makes you crave it, and yet it’s easy to create incredible results that are likely to impress everyone who tries it. So, why not have order online at Ribs & Burgers and decide what kind of Wagyu meal you would like to try. 

Whether you’re a burger devotee like us or a meatloaf maniac, in this blog we finally answer the question every foodie ponders, what to make with Wagyu ground beef?

Read on for the answer to your culinary dreams and ideal picks for future late-night dinners. 

Making Hearty Hamburgers With Your Wagyu Ground Beef 

When you hear the question “what to make with Wagyu Ground Beef, ” the obvious answer is a burger. This way you’re taking a truly decadent dining experience and making it much more accessible, but every bit as delicious. Wagyu is the champagne of the beef world; and as such, it deserves to sit on a throne worthy of its glory.

This is why we recommend equally as decadent toppings to truly harmonise with the rich, meaty flavours. Chomping into a burger and tasting bites of caramelised onion, and melty American cheese as well as the contrast of fresh and crisp vegetables like onion and tomato is the ultimate dining experience. And what does a burger pair well with? Chips and something cold to drink of course. You may have started with the simple question “What To Make With Wagyu Ground Beef?” But now you have a sensational meal that’s the perfect solution to a long week, or a hump day pick me up, really any day. After all, who can turn down a Wagyu beef burger?

Try A Mouth-Watering Meatloaf 

Perhaps you’re looking for a one-pot wonder (or as close as you can get to one pot when you’re cooking) something that embodies comfort cooking and will work as a people pleaser no matter who the company is, well in that case a juicy and flavourful meatloaf has to be the meal for you. Including Wagyu ground beef makes it that much richer and tasty.

Meatloaf is a deceptively simple dish, there’s a bit of preparation involved prior to the cooking process which can often leave those endeavouring to make it concerned that it’s much more difficult; however, once you’ve chopped your vegetables and mixed up your sauces, you simply combine and cook. Voila! A perfect meatloaf that is filled with flavour and tastes delightful with fresh veggies.  

Enrichen Your Pasta Sauce With Wagyu Ground Beef 

Raise your hand if you love pasta. We’re betting that just about everyone who has read this has raised their hand, metaphorically or otherwise. So why not make your pasta sauce that extra bit delicious by adding Wagyu beef to it, rather than your ordinary meat pick?

A Wagyu bolognese is one of the best things you’ll ever taste and yet it’s so easy to make. That is the recurring factor you’ll find with the best Wagyu ground beef, it will elevate your meal with its rich and delicious flavour and yet, as it comes in the medium of ground beef, it is so easy to incorporate into your meals for a simple meal packed with flavour.

Once you’ve found the perfect bolognese recipe, it’ll be in your arsenal for life. But we recommend keeping it simple and letting the Wagyu do the talking. From there, simply pour yourself your favourite glass of red wine and you’re ready for a cosy night in. 

The Ultimate Toasty To Cure Any Bad Day 

So, we’ve all had days where we truly cannot force ourselves to cook. The thought of turning on the oven fills you with dread, and words like “sauté” and “braise” are enough to send you running for the hills. Enter the toasty; a Wagyu beef jaffle is the ultimate way to make use of that leftover ragu sauce, plus pair it with some strong American cheese and you’ve got yourself a toasted sandwich that could save lives it’s so good.

Alternatively, you can explore different toppings to add to your Wagyu ground beef toasty, the tenderness of this unique meat means it tastes incredible with contrasting textures like fresh salad components such as tomato or lettuce. Or perhaps you want something just as decadent? Opt for a large slice of french Brie cheese and fresh sourdough, our mouths are watering just thinking about it. 


If you’re asking yourself what to make with Wagyu beef, the answer is pretty much everything, maybe other than a dessert. The tender, juicy Wagyu is so rich in flavour that it elevates everything it is a part of. However, our personal favourite has to be the burger, after all, you can’t mess with perfection, like our tasty Cheese & Bacon Wagyu Burger .

The juicy, delectable meat is added to one of the world’s favourite comfort foods with the addition of fresh vegetables, delectable sauces and strong, savoury flavours like onion and cheese for something that feels far closer to an experience rather than a simple meal.  So if your appetite has increased throughout this blog, then head over to your favourite Ribs & Burgers for a taste of our Wagyu range to curb that hunger.

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