The real secret behind why our ribs are so succulent

why our ribs are so succulent
Ribs & Burgers fans are already familiar with our succulent, slow-cooked ribs. Cooked low and slow for a leisurely eight hours, these morsels of magnificence are then flame grilled with a home-made BBQ basting that will blow your mind. Those new to Ribs & Burgers may have been missing out all this time, but they are in for a treat.

So in this blog that is sure to break the internet, we’re sharing a secret. 

A 60-week grilling program 

It might not be as exciting as the allure of an uneven number of mysterious spices and herbs, but it does explain a lot. 

When a new griller joins the team, we put them through grilling boot camp. It’s an intensive 60-week grilling program with Ribs & Burgers meat masters Lucky and Louis. 

Every griller at Ribs & Burgers goes through the program, and once they become a grill master, they earn the title of Grill Master. As much as the title of Grill Master is impressive on its own, it does stand for a genuine accomplishment. 

As a Grill Master, a chef has proven they understand the product, they could cook it to perfection with their eyes closed, they understand the grill, and everything that goes into the perfect, succulent set of ribs. 

This program is always evolving, and our team continues to learn and understand new products as we grow as a company.  

So perhaps it’s not much of a juicy secret after all, but it does make for some seriously juicy ribs. 

Premium cuts of meat

Of course, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and you also can’t make decent ribs with a sow’s ear either. 

But if you invest in premium grade meats, your Grill Masters can bring out the best in them. Lamb, pork baby back, spare rib, beef rib – each dish starts as an excellent cut and is prepared, cooked, and served as an exceptional one.  

After all, the original Ribs & Burgers founders had history as butchers, so started out with an appreciation and understanding of quality meats, and used that to launch our restaurants. 

The secret we’ll never share 

There is one more thing – a decades old secret family recipe that we will never share. 

We can promise that there are no weird chemicals or additives (did they even have those decades ago?). Just a special dry spice rub that puts other seasonings to shame and a home-made basting that will never see the light of day. 

If you’re ready to taste some seriously great ribs, try to figure out our secret recipe, and see what a 60-week intensive grilling program can do, pop in to your nearest Ribs & Burgers and check out our ribs menu. We’ll even add chips or a salad.  


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