The development of our signature bun with Sonoma Bakery

The development of our signature bun with Sonoma Bakery
What is the one thing that can make or break a burger? The bun. Yes! The perfect bun. It has to be sturdy enough to hold all of the meat and toppings, but soft enough for you to sink your teeth into with each bite. If it's too hard, it becomes difficult to eat; if it's too soggy, well... let's just say we've all been there before. We're lucky here at Ribs & Burgers to have our trusted partner, Sonoma Bakery who has been working closely with us to craft the perfect burger bun for the best possible culinary experience.

And the crazy thing… It is made exclusively for us at R&B, meaning you won’t be able to find this soft and delicate masterpiece anywhere else.

Seeded, non seeded or vegan, Sonoma bakery offers us a range of buns that perfectly combine every flavour of our iconic burgers and meet all preferences no matter the dietary needs. We have ensured that no matter your choice of bun, all contain that sought out light and fluffy texture so that you get to enjoy all the good stuff inside, without worrying about the things you may not like in a standard burger bun. 

This is a partnership that we’re so proud of, and one that will hopefully continue for years to come! Here are some more reasons why these buns are so special. With milk from regional New South Wales and sustainable Australian flour from Gunnedah every burger bun contains passion, soul, hard work and love, fed by the bakers who craft each one by hand. And, most importantly, our friends at Sonoma Bakery deliver our buns fresh, not frozen, so you never have to worry about a dry or stale burger bun.

Take any Burger on our menu, whether it be the Butcher’s original with 100% premium hormone-free beef paired with classic burger dwellers – lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles, the crispy chicken burger which will leave you breathless after every bite or, the vegan fable mushroom burger which looks just like the real thing, only 100% vegan and swap it out with the bun of your dreams, exclusive to Ribs and Burgers.

Some of our burgers can even be doubled, with extras and double patties but don’t worry, all that juicy goodness will stay contained in your burger, for a mess free feast!

We feel so honoured to have such an amazing partner who is just as dedicated as us to delivering the best of the best. If you want a burger that looks, and most importantly, tastes like those perfectly snap-able burgers you find on foodporn Instagram pages, then look no further than Ribs & Burgers. 

Whether it’s seeded, unseeded or a vegan bun – we’ve got every type to satisfy your palate.  

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