The best of the best on our brand new menu

We’ve updated our menu, and it’s better than ever. Learn more about our new Wagyu burgers, affordable weekday lunch menu, snacks and sides, and more.

Prepare your mouth to water, your pupils to dilate, and your stomach to rumble every time you even think about Ribs & Burgers, because there’s a new menu in town and it’s better than ever. 

We’ve kept some long-time favourites and added plenty of new meals that we know you’ll love. 

You can take a peek at our Ribs & Burgers menu online here, but there’s nothing quite like walking through those front doors and getting to see – and taste – it all in person. 

In the meantime, here’s a quick overview of some of the latest and greatest new items you’ll find on the menu, and exactly why we think they’re so special. 

The Wagyu burger range 

Wagyu truly is the new wunderkind of beef burgers. It’s the same beefy flavours that you know and love, but turned up to maximise the phenomenal taste and texture that you can only find in Wagyu. 

To provide our guests with the best Wagyu possible, we’re working with Mayura Station, which is Australia’s most accredited Wagyu providore. They are an award-winning beef producer that specialises in full-blood Wagyu, and provides some of the top restaurants in the country with their produce – including us.

That’s why we’ve introduced three incredible new Wagyu burgers to our range, and kept one old favourite.

The first is the Hickory BBQ Wagyu Burger. This sensational feast comes with cheese sauce, lettuce, red onion, pickles, mayo, and a hickory bourbon BBQ sauce that will knock your socks off. 

For those who love a bit of heat in, the Pepper Jack Jalapeno Wagyu Burger is for you. With pepper jack cheese, lettuce, red onion, mayo, peri mayo, and crispy jalapenos, this burger balances the rich beef flavours of the Wagyu patty with the powerful kick of the hot peppers and cheese. 

The final new addition is the Truffle & Bacon Wagyu Burger. This burger is for foodies and those who can’t get enough of rich, delicious flavours. It comes with streaky bacon, lettuce, mayo, and truffle mayo, for a flavour profile you won’t soon forget. 

Finally, we’ve kept an old favourite for our new menu – the Wagyu Royale. This classic burger lets the Wagyu flavours shine with lettuce, red onion, pickles, mayo, special sauce, and seasoned onion rings. This is the burger to start with if you want to see what all the Wagyu fuss is about. 

Crispy Bacon & Avo Chicken Burger

There’s something about crispy chicken burgers. That perfect crunch on the outside paired with tender chicken on the inside is a winning combination, and that’s before you even get to the rest of the burger. 

Our chicken burger menu has long been a beloved staple here at Ribs & Burgers, but we’ve introduced a new player that’s about to change the game – the Crispy Bacon & Avo Burger.

This brand new bite starts with our classic house seasoned crispy chicken patty, then includes streaky bacon, perfectly ripe avocado, lettuce, red onion, mayo, and peri mayo. 

If you love a chicken burger, you’re not going to want to miss this one. 

Chicken Schnitzel 

When we looked at our old selection of meals, we realised it was missing something important. Something so Australian that it’s like putting a flag on the menu. 

It’s the classic chicken schnitty, and now it’s here to make all your Aussie dreams come true. 

You’ll get our house seasoned crispy chicken, with the option of making it a double if you’re extra hungry, with our Famous Chips and slaw on the side for the perfect balanced-ish meal. 

Loaded chips 

First, there was Loaded Cheesy Chips. An all-time popular staple at Ribs & Burgers. Then we said: more. 

Now, there’s Loaded Truffle & Bacon Chips, with feta, cheese sauce, crispy bacon, and truffle mayo. 

There’s also Chicken Loaded Chips, which come with stacks of crispy chicken, salsa, cheese sauce and peri mayo. 

Not to forget the brand new BBQ Brisket Loaded Chips, which are piled high with BBQ beef brisket, salsa, cheese sauce, and peri mayo.  

Of course, we’ve kept the classic Loaded Cheesy Chips, but with all these new flavours, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them. 

Wedge salad

We all love a good salad, and we know you’ll love seeing our Cabbage Salad still on the menu, and the Peri Slaw for something a little different, but there’s one new salad you have to try.

It’s the Wedge Salad, named for its Iceberg wedge, and it comes with feta, crispy bacon, brioche croutons, honey mustard vinaigrette and ranch dressing. From the saltiness of the bacon and feta to the crunch of the croutons, the creaminess of the ranch, and the flavour punch of the honey mustard, this is a salad that ticks all the boxes – and you still get to say you ate a salad. 

Snacks and sides 

Don’t you worry, our Golden Tenders – a perennial favourite – haven’t gone anywhere. But we have introduced several new snacks and sides that are sure to impress. 

Our crispy Chicken Ribs further highlight why we’re one of the best ribs destinations in the country. With Louisiana hot sauce and ranch, this is a snack you’ll always be in the mood for. 

And then there’s Mac & Cheese Croquettes. The perfect comfort food, this snack comes with truffle mayo and feta for the ultimate cheesy, gooey, delicious bite that’s always good day or night. 

Onion Rings need no introduction, but they do need aioli, which is why we serve them with a generous amount of this heavenly sauce. 

Finally, don’t miss out on the Jumbo Popcorn Chicken. They’re crispy and drizzled with maple for a flavour combo you never knew you always wanted. 


We have long been known for our thickshakes, but we’re ‘shaking’ things up with a new dessert in town – sundaes. 

The first is a classic Chocolate Fudge Sundae, which is a heap of vanilla soft serve, covered with crushed Oreo, chocolate fudge sauce, and dark chocolate pearls. When you have a craving that only chocolate can satisfy, this is the dessert for you. 

Or try the Salted Caramel Sundae. This sweet treat starts with vanilla soft serve and crushed Oreo, then is drizzled liberally with salted caramel sauce and caramel chocolate pearls. 

Upgrade your meal with pork ribs AND chips for $15 

Have you ever ordered a burger, then felt like just a little bit more? 

Whether you’re looking at a burger or one of our incredible main plates, now you can upgrade your meal with a pork riblet and fries for just $15. 

There’s no way you’re leaving this place hungry with this deal. 

Two words: Cheese bomb

Smother your burger with cheese sauce for $4 extra. It’s cheesy, it’s the bomb, it’s a cheese bomb. 

The $15 weekday lunch menu 

Finally, we’ve saved one of the best for last with the $15 weekday lunch menu. This menu is available from Monday to Friday from opening until 4pm, and includes a number of our most popular dishes. 

For just $15, you can enjoy an OG Flame Grilled Chicken Breast Burger, or a wrap, or the Pulled BBQ Beef Brisket, or a Chicken Salad, or a number of other delicious meals. Even better, they all come with your choice of Famous Chips or a Peri Salad. 

That’s exceptional value for a quick weekday lunch that will make your workday that much brighter. 

Order pick up or delivery or simply pop into the nearest Ribs & Burgers to you to discover your new favourite dish today. 

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