The best 4 attractions in The Rocks not in your guide book

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The Rocks dining spots, bridge walk and markets are well known, but what about the hidden gems? Here are 4 attractions in The Rocks not in your guide book. The Rocks is easily one of the best attractions in Sydney, and a must-do for any visitor to the city. From exploring the laneways and markets to visiting iconic The Rocks restaurants or enjoying a picnic at Dawes Point under the bridge, it is brimming with beloved things to do and see.

But what about the things you don’t find in your guide book? The hidden gems tucked amongst the laneways and less well known than The Argyle and the ghost tours? 

Here are the best four attractions in The Rocks that you might not hear about elsewhere. 

Foundation Park 

Foundation Park is a historic and gorgeous little site tucked away behind an unassuming doorway on Playfair Street. 

Here you’ll find the foundations of old homes and buildings, low walls of stone, tables and chairs scattered about, and the occasional piece of historic furniture. It’s a sunny courtyard that’s open daily and is the perfect place to go for a moment of peace with a coffee or lunch during your time exploring the city. 

Find it on Gloucester Walk behind the Playfair shops. 

The Doss House 

Head underground to a hidden whiskey bar with an old-world vibe and more than 150 whiskies on offer. As well as whiskey, you’ll also find a number of excellent wines, gins, and vodkas. 

The site itself is beautiful, and has lived many lives, including one as an opium house, and another as a boarding house. Today, you can enjoy its fireplaces, beautiful old furnishings, charcuterie boards, and of course, exceptional drinks and cocktails. 

Look for it at 77-79 George Street. 

Pylon Lookout 

One of the best things about The Rocks are the views over Sydney Harbour, especially if you talk a stroll across the bridge. 

However, some of the best views can be found at the Pylon Lookout. Here, you’ll climb high above the harbour for amazing views over the city, but without having to do (or pay for) the bridge climb itself. 

The observation area is right next to the bridge at the top of the pylon, and you’ll be able to look out over the city and all the way across to the Olympic Stadium and the Blue Mountains. There’s also a small museum within the pylon where you’ll learn about the bridge’s construction.

Simply take the Harbour Bridge lift or the stairs from Cumberland Street, and head to the South-East Pylon entrance instead of setting out across the bridge. There is a fee to enter, but it’s well worth the views and the history. 

Ribs & Burgers  

When it comes to The Rocks dining, you certainly aren’t short of options. 

But you may find yourself short of options for anything quick, high quality, and without a stratospheric price tag. Like any central tourist area around the world, that’s The Rocks for you. 

However, if you make your way to Ribs & Burgers on George St, you’ll find hearty, unpretentious meals, made with love and served to you and your rumbling belly in no time. From 100% chuck & brisket patties to slow cooked ribs or even a wrap or salad for something light, their is something for everyone.   

We might not be in your guide books, but we’re here offering some of the best The Rocks burgers and ribs in town, making us one of the tastiest hidden gems in Sydney. 

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