Snackalicious: Our New Snack Range

Snackalicious! The New Snack Range At Ribs & Burgers

You know when you’re hungry. So hungry you could destroy a bowl of complimentary mints? Starving so much that you’re stomach is growling and scaring that poor woman’s chihuahua?

Save the poor puppy, and settle your hungry belly with some pre-dinner snacks. Warm up your face muscles with these small portions to taste your tease buds! I can never speak right when I’m hungry.



Chicken Wings

Chicken wings! You asked for them, and we’re bringing them, back! So many of our lovely friends wanted them back on the menu. And who are we to disappoint our friends? Splashing in buffalo sauce and served with tangy ranch dressing, order a serving of wings and chow down while our chefs ready the big food for you to devour.

Corn Ribs


For a limited time, and for dine-in customers only, you can grab yourself some succulent, buttery corn cobs to gnaw away on before the main act arrives. Our corn cobs are lavished in buttery goodness, seasoned and served with peri mayo, feta and parsley. The sponge to soak up your watering mouth is optional.

Popcorn Chicken

domcherry 3019 Snackalicious: Our New Snack Range

The perfect warm-up to your main meal is popcorn chicken. Ideal for sharing with friends, for eating in front of your friends and making them hungry, or even taking shots to get them into your friend’s mouth. Shotski! 

Golden Tenders


A classic snack, our golden tenders have always been here, and they will always be here for you. Like a well-worn blanket that knows all your soft spots to warm, our golden tenders are familiar, comfortable, and utterly delicious.

Take the edge off your hunger and behave like a human again, with Ribs & Burgers snacks.

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