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Looking for great feed in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth? try one of our Ultimate Rib Meals!

When you arrive at Ribs & Burgers & you’re looking at the menu trying to decide, ribs or a burger? Sides or a main? Salad or chips? we have made the decision easier for you! Our Ultimate Rib Meals include all of your favourites- burgers, ribs & sides, all perfectly bundled together at a great price. Ideal for sharing! Or not… 


We have 7 bundles for you to choose from: 

Big St Louis Burger Feast:

1 Rack St Louis + 2 Burgers + Cabbage Salad + Chips + Dessert – $54.90

Big St Louis Wings Feast 

1 Rack St Louis + 4 Wings & Ranch Dip + Cabbage Salad + Chips + Dessert  – $49.90

Wings Feast

½ Kilo Pork Riblets + 4 Wings & Ranch + Cabbage Salad + Chips- $44.90

Burger Feast

½ Kilo Pork Riblets + 2 burgers + chips – $49.90 

Juicy Beef Ribs Feast

Full Rack + 2 Burgers + Chips – $69.90

Tasty Chicken Feast 

4 Chicken Burgers of your choice + Cabbage Salad + Chips – 49.90

Flamed Wings & Beer

12 Wings (BBQ or Peri) & Ranch Dip + 2 servings of chips + 4 Coronas – $69.90

All burgers include your choice of an Old School Cheese, Butchers original, Flamed Lemon & Herb or Peri Chicken 


When you don’t feel like cooking after work, let us do it for you! These bundles are only available from Monday-Thursday, dine in & pick up only. 

Come in and try them for yourself & let us know what you think!

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