Ribs & Burgers Has a New Nutella Thickshake!

Nutella Thickshake
Who Doesn't Love Nutella?

Here’s a question for you – when you hear the word ‘Nutella’, do your legs get a little wobbly, and you start drooling, and you can’t stop thinking about that chocolatey hazelnut awesomeness? Or is that just us?

Well, keep thinking those delicious thoughts because we have a new Nutella Thickshake on the menu! Of course, this thickshake goes with any meal, perfectly paired with ribs and burgers. Come into our store and try one today!


What About Other Flavours? We Got You!

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What about our other thickshakes? We wouldn’t want them to feel left out because of the new Nutella Thickshake. We’re just adding to our awesome family of thickshakes.

To be fair, one of the best comfort meals is one of our awesome burgers, fries and a thick shake. They go together like chalk and cheese, no wait, like steak and chips, which you can get at our restaurants, by the way.


Strawberry Thickshake


Could you call this a classic? We think so. A bright pink, sugary sweet, strawberry thickshake, made famous in songs and diners since the ’50s, we’re sure.

Bright and fruity, a strawberry thickshake brings back happy memories of summer on the beach or in the park, great times from your childhood. Drink it ice cold until the very last, noisy drop.

Why not ask for two straws and share it with someone special? Romantic, cute and fun.

Cookies & Cream Thickshake

Cookies & Cream ThickShake

We don’t know what it is, but there is just something magical about the combination of cookies and cream. Choc chip cookies are arguably the best cookie ever invented and pair up well with milk. So it makes sense to mix them all up with cream and blend them together into a thickshake!
That comfortable taste of cookies, with crunchy cookie crumbs with every sip from the straw. Good times, great thickshake, cookies & cream thickshake. Oh yeah.

Salted Caramel Thickshake

Salted Caramel Shake

Salted caramel feels just a little bit special. Whoever thought of adding salt to caramel deserves a Nobel Prize. The perfect balance of salty and sweet. Mwah, chef’s kiss.
We mix pretzels with all our thickshakes for that added crunchy texture, but with a salted caramel thickshake, salty pretzels take it to another level. We’re talking gourmet thickshake here. 
While it might be romantic and cute to share your thickshake with someone special, not this one. You keep this salted caramel thickshake to yourself and enjoy and drink to the last drop.

Vanilla Thickshake

Vanilla Malt Shake

Vanilla is a classic flavour, timeless and universal. While some people use it harshly, saying something is boring, and vanilla, in fact, vanilla is a subtle spice flavour, with over five hundred complex flavour and fragrance components. 
That makes you look at our vanilla thickshake in a much more delicious light, yeah? It makes you want to try a vanilla thickshake, doesn’t it, with some ribs?
Drop in to any of our restaurants and delight in a vanilla thickshake today! And tomorrow!

Milo Thickshake

milo shake

Milo is a taste from our childhood. How many heaped teaspoons of Mio did you have? Do you put it in before or after the milk? Many a heated debate have happened over these questions.
You can now relive those moments of your childhood with a Milo Thickshake! Did we lay that on a bit thick? We do that about our thickshakes, it happens.
Crunchy chocolate and malty goodness, with whipped cream and some pretzels on top.l A little bit fancier than what you had at home in your kitchen, we know, but it is just as special now as it was then.

Make Your Way To Ribs & Burgers Today!

If we’ve whetted your appetite with the thought of gooey Nutella thickshakes, or one of our other delicious flavours, then drop in for some shaking good times.
Feed your family some ribs and burgers, like it says on the sign, and sip down some cold, tasty milkshakes today.
Or, you can order to pick up and take away! Find your nearest location, hop online and make a pick-up order. Nutella thickshake to go! Your neighbours will be so jealous. 

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