Ribs, Anywhere, Anytime

Ribs Anywhere, Anytime
What do rugby players at ‘half time’ have in common with ladies having a fun night in, or dad’s turn to cook, but won’t? They all call on the specialists, Ribs & Burgers, to order our succulent ribs, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

The first ribs were shared in a cave more than 35,000 years ago and accessing ribs back then was risky to say the least, then took time to prepare. Much has happened since this time. Our ribs, (one of mankind’s greatest indulgence), can now be accessed ANYWHERE, ANY TIME

Don’t get me wrong, our ribs also take a while to prepare. They are slow cooked for over 8 hours, to achieve R&B’s version of perfection, and then brushed with our 35-year secret basting sauce; a flavour experience exclusive to R&B and designed to blow your tastebuds away.

Rib lovers, prepare your palettes and strap in for triple the action, as we introduce to you Pork Baby Back Ribs, Pork St Louis & Beef Ribs, – a trifecta of joy to bite into, ANYWHERE & ANYTIME

The Pork Baby Back ribs are for the people who always have FOMO. They have everything, 100 percent Australian pork ribs, slow cooked for 8 hours and basted in our signature BBQ sauce.

The Pork St Louis, shared by many, and sought after by more, consists of 100 percent Australian pork St Louis slow cooked for 8 hours and basted in our thick, juicy, signature BBQ sauce.

Our Beef Ribs, a classic choice of 100 percent Australian beef ribs, slowly cooked for 8 hours before its flame grilled and basted in our shimmering signature BBQ sauce.

Life gets even better with R&B… any ribs you order are served with your choice of a side Apple Cabbage salad or Chips.

For convenience, we offer you the choice to enjoy your favourite ribs takeaway, delivery or dine in.

We’ve got you covered!!

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