Make any burger on our menu Plant Based

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The meat-free revolution is here! And, we wouldn't want our plant based lovers to miss out on our flavoursome and unforgettable burgers, which is why we have partnered with v2food, Australia’s leading plant based company, for the perfect, meat-free alternative, for anyone who loves the taste of meat, but doesn't want to get it from animals.

Sometimes meat just isn’t your thing. Whether you have been vegetarian for years or are trying to reduce your intake, we get it! And, we wouldn’t want your dietary preferences to come in between you and a delicious burger at Ribs & Burgers. That’s why we are giving you the option to make any existing burger on our menu (Wagyu, beef or chicken) plant based with v2.

Yes you’ve read correctly. ANY BURGER!

We are so proud to be partnering with a company who is dedicated to delicious food and contributing to a better planet. Our v2meatless patties contain a range of nutritious ingredients that deliver the flavour and texture you love, made from the sustainable goodness of plants, meaning it cooks, looks and tastes like meat! 

Get creative …

Although our menu does already offer vegetarian friendly options such as the fable mushroom burger with shiitake mushroom, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pink & BBQ sauce and our beyond old school cheeseburger, we want your options to be endless !

Next time you dine at Ribs & Burgers, why not order one of our absolute favourites such as the Wagyu Royale, the burger of royalty, with lettuce, cheese, pickles, fried onion & red onion and a delicious meat-free patty courtesy of v2food, finished off with both our pink sauce & special R&B sauce. Or, you could give the Peri Chicken burger a go, with a plant-based twist.

Whatever your taste-buds desire, R&B has something for you. It’s just as delicious, nutritious and satisfying with the same juicy taste and texture of meat! Turn your imagination into reality next time you visit Ribs & Burgers.

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