Japanese cuisine that isn’t just sushi

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When you say Japanese food, most people will immediately think of sushi, but that's just the tip! What other dishes can you try?

When you say Japanese food, most people will immediately think of sushi. And while this is indeed a delightful delicacy, it’s not the only cuisine Japan has to offer. In fact, it is just the tip of the extremely tasty iceberg.

So if you fancy a taste of Japan, what other dishes can you try?


Although originally from China, this dish has been adopted and modified by the Japanese and is a popular dish across the country. It’s basically egg noodles in a broth that comes in four main styles: miso, soy, salt or tonkotsu (pork bone).


The name means barbecued chicken and that is precisely what you get. Served on small skewers and marinated in a sauce of mirin rice wine, soy, sake, and sugar, yakitori comes in various types. The most common are momo (thigh), negima (with spring onion) or tsukune (meatballs).


This is a typical summer dish in Japan made of river eel grilled over charcoal with a sweet barbecue sauce.


Everything’s a little bit better when it’s deep fried, right? Tempura is battered seafood or vegetables fried in sesame oil. They often come with soy sauce or various other sauces for dipping.


Continuing with the deep-fried theme, tonkatsu is breaded and deep-fried pork cutlets usually served with a side of miso soup and shredded cabbage.


The name refers to the large bowl in which this dish is served. A combination of meat, fish and vegetables over steamed rice; donburi is a lunchtime staple in Japan.

This dish can be made from endless combinations of ingredients but some popular types are gyudon (beef and onions in a soy sauce base), katsudon (tonkatsu simmered in tsuyu served with onion and egg) or oyakodon (chicken, egg and green onion).


A pan-fried concoction made from batter, sliced cabbage, and other savoury ingredients presented similarly to a pancake. In some restaurants, you may even be invited to cook your okonomiyaki yourself at the table.


Literally meaning ‘sweet bread’, kashipan refers to various types of bread buns. Some popular varieties are anpan (bread filled with a sweet red bean paste) and karee pan (a deep-fried bun filled with curry sauce and covered in panko breadcrumbs).

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