Introducing the New BIG STACK!

Check Out The Limited Edition Big Stack!

Get stacked! Ribs & Burgers are introducing an awesome new big burger- the Big Stack! It’s big, so big you’ll be seeing double. You’ll need two hands to eat this thing!. 

It’s stacked with flavour and fully stacked with meat, cheese and more yummy goodness. Try it with a side of fries and a thickshake at any Ribs & Burgers location near you.


What’s In The Big Stack?

The Big Stack

Want to know what’s in a Big Stack burger we’re yammering about? You get two juicy patties, double American Cheese, melted and dripping down the sides. Crispy iceberg lettuce, and red onion, with pickles, mayo and our own special sauce. 

All of this is barely contained in a seed brioche bun. In fact, it’s so stacked we have to cut the bun twice!

Get your hands on our Big Stack today, and just try to wrap your laughing gear around it. We dare you.


Make Your Way To Ribs & Burgers Today to Try This Mammoth Burger!

RB BIG STACK DesktopNewsBanner Introducing the New BIG STACK!

You may be asking yourself – where can I get both of my hands on one of your fantastic Big Stack burgers? Well now,  find the nearest Ribs & Burgers store near you. 

Check out the Ribs & Burgers menu to whet your appetite.

We don’t want you to miss out on the Big Stack burger. Order to pick up and take away so you can enjoy the Big Stack in the privacy of your own home.

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