Home-made dips that perfectly complement your chips and burgers

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Home Made Dips
Fancy a new flavour to your chips and burgers? When you're looking for the perfect dip to complement your burger or chips, look no further than Ribs & Burgers!

These are some of our most popular and best-selling sauces that we have been perfecting for years! We go through many different steps to create a sauce that is just right – from tasting different flavours to tweaking recipes. Our perfectly balanced recipes include peri-mayo, aioli, hot african chilli, cheese, peri, ranch, vegan aioli, vegan pink sauce and our R&B special sauce. 

Are you familiar with our famous Ribs & Burgers pink sauce that we are renowned for? We won’t give all of our secrets away but it was perfected by Aunty Joan many years ago and is still just as delicious after every bite.

There’s nothing better than that extra hit of flavour from a home made dip. At Ribs & Burgers, we want you to feel so comfortable and welcomed that it’s just like being cosy in your own dining room. 

Whether you are feeling a little cheesy, tangy or looking for a vegan option, We’ve got all the sauces you need. The rich flavour of our dips and sauces are the perfect complement to your burger or chips. With a 3 – 4 month sauce development process and at least 50 different tests completed before finalising each recipe – it’s safe to say that R&B only serves you the best of the best and do not worry, we’re generous with our serving sizes too so you won’t have to ration out a little for each chip, and we won’t even judge you if you like mixing together odd combinations!

Our sauces can be found on some of our burgers, like the Peri Chicken Burger with premium chicken breast, fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion and our perfected Peri mayo – to balance every bite or, the Vegan Beyond Burger with fresh lettuce, juicy tomato, zingy pickles, and crisp red onion, vegan aioli and our special vegan pink sauce, with a dash of mustard to finish it all off. 

We believe that the right sauce can take a good dish to an amazing dish. R&B is  dedicated to creating sauces that are unique and exclusive to us, so that you can enjoy every mouthful! Our sauce development process is essential to providing you with the best balance of flavours, that’s why we get so excited to share them with our customers. With our sauces, you’ll be able to create your perfect burger and enjoy a crunchy side of chips like never before!

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