Angus Beef Vs Wagyu Beef: What’s The Delicious Difference?

Angus beef vs Wagyu beef

When it comes to our preferences between Angus beef vs Wagyu beef, what are we actually eating? Many of us have a taste for a specific cut of steak, with Angus and Wagyu being two of the most popular due to their premium quality and delicious, juicy flavour. So, what is the difference between Angus beef vs Wagyu beef? We take a look at everything from the taste, the tenderness and the essential pairings to truly decipher what makes the two respective pieces stand out from each other, and which is best for you and your palate.

In this blog, we will be discussing the difference between Angus beef vs Wagyu beef and how they compare to each other. 

Between the ongoing fight between Angus Beef vs Wagyu Beef, you’ll have to know both its origins first. 

What Is Angus Beef?

Angus beef, as the name may suggest, originates from Scotland. Specifically from the Scottish breed of cow, the Aberdeen Angus. Due to the cold weather of the Scottish winters the cattle were raised to have a sturdy body type so that they could survive in these plummeting temperatures. As a result, the Aberdeen Angus tends to have a more muscular body type. Throughout their lives they are predominantly grass-fed, with the introduction of grains such as corn are added in, this process is called grain finishing and is done to enhance the marbling of the beef. 

Marbling is the white of fat in meat, generally red meat. The fat in leaner meat creates the look of marble, which is where the name comes from. Marbling affects everything from tenderness to flavour. Marbling will not only keep the meat tender whilst cooking but is also a good indicator that the meat is of high quality and will be a juicy flavourful bite. With this in mind, Angus beef is known for its marbling, making it a delicious cut. 

What Is Wagyu Beef? 

If you’re a meat lover or burger fan, you’ve likely heard of wagyu. Wagyu originates from Japan with the name literally meaning “Japanese cow”, and it is found in four different kinds of cattle. Wagyu is known for its abundance of marbling inside the muscle tissue and very unique flavour. Due to this high level of marbling, wagyu is seen as a slice of luxurious meat, whilst other slices of steak will have a fat cap around the outside, with wagyu the fat is metabolised internally, making it integrated within the muscle. What you’re left with is a piece of juicy meat that essentially dissolves on the tongue when eaten. 

Does this sound delicious to you? Well, head on down to your local Ribs & Burgers for a taste of our Wagyu Royale burger. The reigning king of beef. 

What Does Each Meat Pair Well With?

When it comes to Angus beef vs Wagyu beef, what are the ideal pairings for both types of meat? With the Angus steak, the delicious and flavourful meat can taste incredible on its own, but like any mouth-watering flavour, it is only elevated by the assistance of a few tasty sidekicks.

We would advise leaving the steak to be the key player of the meal and allowing the side dishes to be merely a supporting role, rather than a competing flavour. Opt for soft, savoury tastes, such as crispy cauliflower. Not only will this flavour be a fantastic addition to your meal, but the different textures between the soft steak and the crisp veggies are a visceral feast for the senses. 

If cauliflower isn’t your vegetable of choice, why not opt for a buttery roast potato? The softly savoury-side dish won’t overpower the meal but will instead act as a compliment to the main event, which in this case is our vibrant Angus steak. 

If you’re looking for a delicious side for your Wagyu, you might think to pair it with equally strong flavours to do the tender meat justice. However, we would recommend choosing lighter sides to truly let your wagyu shine through, rather than allowing the flavour to get lost amongst the competing dishes.

Some neutral vegetables such as a softly baked potato, sauteed mushrooms or even caramelised onions are divine when paired with Wagyu, as they’re more subtle flavours that won’t try and push the tender meat out of the limelight. Of course, if you’d like something more fresh and crunchy for a different texture, we would recommend fresh greens like crispy broccoli or beans. 

If the Angus beef vs Wagyu beef debate has made your mouth water and you’re looking to try your own bite of juicy, tender meat, check out your local Ribs & Burgers for a bite you’ll want to savour. 

Angus Beef Vs Wagyu Beef? Which Is The Winner?

So at the end of the day, which meat is the superior cut of steak? In the battle of Angus beef vs Wagyu beef, which comes out on top? Unfortunately, as we’ve shown above, there truly isn’t a clear winner. Both types of meat are delicious, it really depends on your personal preference. Whilst Wagyu clearly is a luxurious piece of steak that deserves to be enjoyed up until the very last bite, Angus beef is a wonderfully tender piece of meat that would taste wonderful as a special occasion dinner on a cold weekend evening.

Whether you’re looking to end the debate between Angus beef vs Wagyu beef or looking for your own piece of meat that will excite and delight your senses, check out Ribs & Burgers, for our delicious and flavourful bites. 

Angus and Wagyu beef are two delicious pieces of steak that deserve to be enjoyed in a great meal, with great company. At Ribs & Burgers, we offer you the finest meals in a vibrant setting, so get down to your nearest location and check it out for yourself.

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