Introducing Our Brand New Healthy Burger Bowl Lunch Deal!

Indulge in satisfying beef and chicken burger bowls at Rib’s & Burgers for just $15!

Craving all the joy that a burger can bring, but want to keep your hands free from that dripping sauce? You can now have your awesome chicken burger or beef burger served in a bowl with sweet potato fries and a special sauce.

This is a lunch-time only special, available from all locations from 11.30 am to 4 pm (yeah, do a long lunch), and they’re only $15 each! Bargain yummage!

You can dine in and pick up your $15 burger bowl and chicken bowl. Order now! 

Our $ 15 Beef Burger Bowl 


Get the genuine Ribs & Burgers burger taste in a beef burger bowl for lunch. A genuine Angus beef patty, flame-grilled to perfection, nestled against lettuce and kale, tomato, cucumber and red onion, honey mustard dressing, and a side serving of delicious sweet potato fries. 

A hearty lunch for only $15. Dine in with us, or order to pick up and have yourself a picnic. Choose a Ribs & Burgers famous thickshake or a refreshing softie, to wash all this deliciousness down. 

Our $15 Chicken Burger Bowl 


Feeling like some juicy chicken? Get a chicken burger in a bowl for lunch! Flame-grilled chicken breast basted in lemon and herb, packaged together with a kale & pepita mix, fresh tomato, cucumber and red onions, crunchy iceberg lettuce, herb aioli and honey mustard dressing. And you get a side of super tasty sweet potato fries! All for the banging price of $15.

The best lunch ever is waiting for you here at Ribs & Burgers

Looking For Something Extra In Our Lunch Bowls? 

Do you want to take your burger lunch bowls to the next level? You can add some extra flavour to your bowls! Check it out…

Extras We Recommend To Make It That Much Better!

  • Add Avocado for extra vitamin E and folate! 
  • Add Bacon for that awesome salty bacon goodness.
  • Upgrade your Beef patty to a Wagyu patty
  • A few Jalapenos for extra hotness!

Got goals? Eat Bowls At Ribs & Burgers Today!

Are you craving something new and fantastic with that comforting, familiar feel as well? Lunch in one of our many locations, or pick up and eat out, on your couch at home, or under a tree in the park.

Indulge in the taste everyone’s talking about, for just $15.

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