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R&B Grillhouse

Let’s be real. It’s all about the food. 

Nothing beats mouth-watering food that leaves a smile on your face!

The heart and soul of R&B Grillhouse is our fantastic menu. Taste our crunchy fried chicken burger range, finger-licking ribs or flavoursome thick shakes. You’ll be impressed with our awesome meals and drinks that hit the spot.

Dine in, take-away or delivery – choose whichever way you and your mates want to grab your eats.

Come and enjoy our delicious food that will set your tastebuds tingling!

R&B GRILLHOUSE has all your steak house favourites and a lot more! Try the Jumbo Popcorn Chicken or the Salt and Pepper Calimari to start with a cocktail or a craft beer! Now get serious and choose your favourite steak cut or a rack of ribs! For a little colour throw in a salad and top it off with a classic steak house thick shake!

Only the best beef

Southern Highlands Cattle

An exclusive range of quality products raised in select pristine Australian environments. Working directly with farmers, Southern Highlands products deliver a consistent, safe and quality experience every time.

Southern Highlands Beef is comprised of 100% sustainably sourced Australian cattle. Utilising the services of a world-renowned animal nutritionist. The cattle are finished on a specialised grain mix which is designed to improve marbling, fineness and quality.

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Check out our first Grillhouse locations, Gregory Hills & Drummoyne

Let's hear from the chef

The lowdown on R&B Grillhouse

The inspiration for R&B Grillhouse revolves around creating a dining experience that you’ll remember fondly a few days later. A “good times” joint that you’ll recommend to your friends. The local haunt that’ll be a favourite amongst our friends and neighbours.

The menu is approachable and versatile. There’s a focus on affordability and generosity with a vast array of bold flavours that we believe will keep you coming back.

We’ve stayed close to great suppliers, fresh produce, family recipes and humble cooking to curate a menu and beverage pairings that will evoke a sense of celebration amongst the friends and loved ones you choose to share your time with.

The food is uncomplicated but fun, unpretentious but clever enough to pair with a pineapple daiquiri! The clue is in our name – we used the word “house” intentionally because nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal. We want to put the authenticity of home-cooking back into the restaurant kitchen. Come dine with us, relax, let us take care of you, most importantly – make yourself at home.


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You have to love the crispy on the outside, tender on the inside kind of chicken, right? 

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Hormone-free, no additives or preservatives, no extra surprises... just 100% high-quality chuck and brisket to ensure a delicious and unique patty every time.🍔

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Did you know we use a secret marinade to add flavour, taste and tenderness to our chicken? 😋

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We found the queen of rib hacks! 👑

🎥 @jubilee_eats

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