What menu items are gluten-friendly at Ribs & Burgers?

gluten free burgers
According to the CSIRO, One-in-three Australians are eliminating gluten, dairy or meat from their diets, so we understand that offering a menu with options for those who need to be aware of their gluten intake is important. That’s why we’ve taken the time to outline which menu items can be made without gluten.

Even though we’ve made an effort to offer our gluten-friendly fans a range of delicious options to suit their dietary requirements, we cannot guarantee that the environment we prepare our meals in is gluten free. All cooking surfaces and equipment will and do contain gluten. Specifically, the fryer and grill will contain gluten. 

When we use the term ‘Gluten-friendly’ we are categorising the item as low in gluten not gluten-free. 

Here are the menu items you’ll find at Ribs & Burgers that are, or can be, made without gluten. 

What burgers are made without gluten?

Try our gluten-free bread on any of our burgers! We offer a special gluten-free bread as the top and bottom of these burgers, ensuring you get to enjoy all the good stuff inside, without worrying about all the bad stuff inside a standard bun. 

One burger filling that is made without gluten includes: 

  • Flamed Lemon & Herb Chicken

All of our patties use a burger baste that contains gluten. But if you would prefer to avoid gluten, you can ask our staff to exclude the baste from your meal. These include: 

  • Old School Cheese
  • Butcher’s Original
  • Bacon & Cheese
  • The Aussie
  • Spicy Mexican
  • Wagyu Big Cheese and Bacon
  • Wagyu Cheese & Caramelised Onion
  • Sirloin Steak Roll
  • Flamed Peri Chicken

And of course, we have a couple of meatless burger options to consider for our vegetarian customers: 

  • Beyond Old School Cheese
  • Fable Mushroom Burger

For full transparency on ingredients for our vegetarian options, see Beyond Meat website and Fable Food Co website. 

Salads and bowls   

For a side made without gluten, we recommend:

  • Cabbage Salad

If you are looking to reduce gluten in your diet, we recommend trying one of our protein-packed bowls and swapping out the grain salad. Whilst not suitable for coeliacs, these dishes are lower in gluten than others.

  • Chicken Bowl 
  • Lamb Shoulder Bowl 
  • Fable Mushroom Bowl 

Ribs & Sides

Unfortunately, to get our beef ribs and pork ribs extra tasty, we use gluten in our bastings. 

For those looking to reduce gluten in their diet, we recommend our ‘knife and fork’ dishes served with cabbage salad. 

  • Double Lemon & Herb Chicken
  • Grass Fed Sirloin 
  • Double Peri Chicken 

A word of warning  

Even though we’ve made an effort to offer our gluten-free fans a range of delicious options to suit their dietary requirements, we cannot guarantee that our environment is also gluten free. 

We still serve plenty of gluten-packed items, so even though your meal might be made with gluten-free ingredients and cooked in a gluten-friendly way, we cannot promise that there won’t be trace amounts of the substance in our restaurants.

Before dining at any of our restaurants, please do let our friendly staff know if you have any dietary requirements so that we can give you full disclosure on menu items offered at different locations.

For more information about what goes into our meals, check out our dietary information, or make your way to Ribs & Burgers Hawthorn, or wherever your nearest restaurant happens to be and ask our staff to find out more. 

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