What is The Best Cut For Steak?

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This is such a controversial question- what is the best cut of steak? Who is the one to decide? If your favourite steak is a striploin, does that make it the best cut of meat?

We’re going to put three cuts of steak to the test to determine which is the best steak in town. So grab your steak knives and a hearty appetite, and prepare yourself to judge. 


What Are The 3 Main Different Cuts Of Steak?

New York Striploin

While there’s a wide variety of steak cuts available, three main cuts of steak stand out in popularity due to their flavour, texture, and culinary versatility. The three cuts are rump eye, rib eye and striploin. Let’s look at these cuts of steak together.


Rump Eye Steak Cut

Rump Eye 200g


The rump eye steak cut is a lesser-known gem in the world of steaks. It comes from the rump area of the cow, specifically the eye section of the rump. This cut is known for its rich beef flavour and slightly firmer texture compared to more popular cuts like ribeye or striploin. 

It’s a great choice for steak enthusiasts who appreciate a meatier chew. The rump eye also offers excellent value, often being more affordable while still delivering a satisfying steak experience. 

It’s particularly well-suited for char-grilling, and its robust flavour pairs well with our seasonings and sauces.

Benefits of Rump Eye Steak Cut


The rump eye steak is a bit of an unsung hero in the steak world. Coming from the backside of the cow, it’s leaner than some other cuts but packs a mighty beefy punch in terms of flavour. It’s also great value for money and versatile in the kitchen – you can grill it, fry it, whatever you fancy. Plus, it’s loaded with good stuff like protein and vitamins. It’s a top choice for a hearty, nutritious meal that won’t break the bank.

Rib Eye Steak Cut


Rib-Eye 300g

Rib-eye steak, now that’s a cut that deserves some attention. It’s sliced from the rib section, right between the chuck and the loin. 

What makes rib-eye stand out is that lovely marbling of fat, which melts when cooked, giving the steak its famous juicy, rich flavor. It’s a favourite among steak lovers for its tenderness and that beautiful balance of meat and fat. 

We char-grill it to your cooking specifications so the rib-eye comes out stunning every time. Plus, it’s versatile – you can have it bone-in for extra flavour, or boneless for convenience. It’s a steak that promises a seriously satisfying meal every time.

Benefits of Rib Eye Steak Cut

The rib-eye steak cut is a succulent, flavorful choice, appreciated for its marbling and tenderness. Extracted from the upper rib cage area, it’s known for its rich, buttery taste. 

This cut is versatile, and ideal for grilling, broiling, or pan-searing. Rib-eye steaks are nutrient-rich, offering protein, B vitamins, and essential minerals. They are higher in fat compared to leaner cuts, making them a luxurious option for special occasions or indulgent meals.

Striploin Steak Cut

New York Striploin 250g

Alright, let’s talk about the striploin steak, a real treat in the steak world. It comes from the short loin area of the cow, which means it’s less worked and, therefore, more tender. This cut is known for its fine texture and rich flavor, a bit leaner than the rib-eye but still with enough marbling to keep it juicy and delicious.

The striploin, also known as the New York strip, is a fantastic choice for a hearty meal that feels a bit fancy but is straightforward to prepare. It’s a top pick for those steak nights when you want something special without too much fuss. A side of chips or a summery salad, depending on your mood.

Benefits of Rib Eye Steak Cut

Striploin steak, also known as New York strip, is a popular cut that offers a great balance of flavour and nutrition. It’s a leaner option compared to other steaks but still maintains a tender texture. In terms of nutritional benefits, it’s low in calories and high in protein, making it a good choice for those monitoring their diet. Additionally, it’s carb-free and a good source of selenium, which is beneficial for thyroid and cardiovascular health.

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