How to decide between a chicken and beef burger

Beef vs Chicken
It’s the age-old question. The cause for many debates around the family dinner table and a divisive issue that you’ll likely never hear world leaders discuss - probably because it’s too inflammatory. How do you decide between a chicken burger and a beef burger?

It’s the question we see written across the faces of almost every customer who walks through the doors of Ribs & Burgers restaurants, and it fills the quiet spaces between words for those who order over the phone.

As such an all-consuming decision, we are determined to offer a complete guide on how to make that decision: Chicken burger, or beef burger? 

Let your health decide

Look, we’d be the last to judge if you went for the most indulgent meal on the menu (we think our Peppermint Crisp and Salted Creme Caramel should be their own food groups, after all), but if you are thinking about your health, this could help guide your decision. 

Pound for pound, chicken is the choice that gives you fewer calories and saturated fats compared with beef. However, that’s inverted if you’re considering a deep fried chicken burger, such as the Crispy Louisiana or the Southern Chicken. 

Making things just a little more confusing, that also doesn’t take into account each patty’s housemates. Bacon isn’t exactly known for being a superfood, while some of our burgers come with fresh and crispy green things – like lettuce. 

Let your stomach decide

How hungry are you? Have people around you been puzzled by a thunder-like rumbling sound all day? Do you feel so starved you could eat a horse, its saddle, and possibly its hay bale as well?

A beef burger might be the best choice for you. Beef has more protein per 100 grams than chicken, which typically makes you feel fuller and leaves you feeling satisfied for longer. 

That said, it’s not like our chicken burgers are going to leave you hungry, and if you’re truly worried you can always grab a side of Loaded Cheesy Chips, or wings, or any of our epic sides – and follow them up with a dessert as well. 

Let your tastebuds decide

We love chicken and could never fault it, but there is something to be said for the added indulgence, juiciness, and flavour that can be found in a beef burger. After all, we did experiment with countless beef patty recipes in order to find just the mix that brings the natural flavours to life. 

If it’s up to your tastebuds, a beef burger might be the way to go – although that’s really only if you also ignore the rest of the incredible ingredients in our chicken burgers… 

Ribs & Burgers isn’t short of a good burger or 14. The problem is picking just one. You can toss a coin, throw a dart at the menu (parental guidance is advised), or simply convince your dining mate to order something different and go halfsies with you. 

However you decide, don’t forget that you can simply order the other type next time you come in. Eventually, you might even decide on a favourite – head down to Ribs & Burgers to see if you can figure it out. 

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