Does cooking ribs longer make them more tender?

Does cooking ribs longer make them more tender?
It’s the question on everyone’s lips, the one thing that’s been on the minds of Australians for many years: Are slow cooked ribs more tender when you cook them for longer? Is it possible to make beautiful tender meat even more tender with a longer cooking time? Ribs & Burgers, as a restaurant that started with a background in butchery, has all the answers.

What longer cooking times do to beef ribs

You would think that longer cooking times would simply mean more tender, succulent beef. Sadly, this is simply not the case. 

Cooking any kind of meat for too long will usually leave it dry, tough, and utterly unappealing. 

In all honesty, cooking BBQ ribs to perfection is something of an artform. It’s not something the home chef does very often, and overcooking the ribs is a common way to disappoint yourself when you sit down to eat. 

Ironically, we believe the best way to cook BBQ ribs is actually to cook it for a long time – but there is a twist. 

The best way to cook beef and pork ribs

We’ll give away one secret: It starts with low and slow cooking, then finishes with fire. 

At Ribs & Burgers, we use a 35-year old secret recipe to create the most perfect, succulent, tender ribs you’ve ever tasted. We begin by slow cooking the ribs for eight hours at a low temperature to gently cook the meat all the way through without drying it out. This locks in the flavour and moisture for that melt-in-your mouth texture we all know and love. 

Yet no one wants perfectly tender meat on the outside – you want that subtly crispy layer of goodness that adds a little crunch and a punch of texture with every bite. That’s why we finish our ribs with a dance over the fire for that heavenly flame-kissed finish. 

But of course, you also want the tang of a secret-recipe basting as well. The trick here is not to add the basting too soon. Most sauces and basting recipes include at least some sugar, and where a flame-finish will turn this innocent baste into a sizzling, caramelised indulgence, adding it too soon will do nothing but burn the basting as it overdries the insides. 

Come in for a taste test

If you don’t believe us, it’s time for a taste test. We’re ready to put our ribs where our mouth is (aren’t we all?) and show off our succulent low’n’slow ribs with the flame finish and secret recipe sauce.


Swing by Ribs & Burgers in Eastgardens to see how cooking ribs for longer can make them more tender, but only if you have the patience to cook them at a low temperature for quite a long time. That’s why we think we have some of the best slow cooked ribs in Australia. 

It’s in the name, after all. 

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