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Pork Riblet & Chips

Your little fine diner will love this delicious pork riblet, coated with our signature BBQ basting and cooked to perfection. Plus, there’s chips, and what kid doesn’t love chips?

Chips are glorious, and even the most strong-willed of us can’t help stealing a chip or two if there are some on the table – so it’s no wonder that’s all kids want to eat sometimes. But with this dish, they’ll get a serving of chippies as well as a tasty pork riblet coated in our signature BBQ basting that will help them to open their eyes and their taste buds to a whole new realm of epic kids’ meals. Or perhaps your kidlet is already a bit of a pork connoisseur, then we know they’ll love this riblet. Plus, you can even steal a chip off their plate when they’re not looking. 

Nutritional Details

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