It’s no secret that good things take time, and that couldn’t be more true of our Lamb Ribs.

We keep the heat down low to give them a good long cooking time, so you can forget all about ‘fast food’ when you walk in our doors, and simply look forward to our ‘fantastic food’ instead. Our Lamb Ribs are cooked with a tasty lemon and herb concoction that perfectly complements the rich succulence of the lamb, flame grilled for a crispy finish, and served with your choice of apple cabbage salad or chips. This isn’t an artfully presented dish that you’ll finish within a few bites and pretend to be full – this is a serious meal that will be all kinds of messy and every kind of delicious.

Nutritional Details

Want to check out our halal items or check any allergy info? We’ve got you covered!

lamb ribs

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