Bacon & Cheese




We have found one way to make our beef burger even better – more meat.

We’ve already taste tested hundreds of recipes to create the best patty possible. We’ve already only used 100% premium beef. We’ve already crafted the most delicious baked bread bun. But through extensive testing, we have found one way to make our beef burger even better – more meat. Specifically, bacon, as well as a healthy serving of American cheese, for the ultimate mouthful of succulent beef, salty bacon, tangy cheese, and fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion. Finished off with our boutique pickles shipped in from Brooklyn, New York, and our bespoke Aunty Joan’s Pink Sauce, this is one burger you’ll be making excuses to come back for as often as humanly possible. Choose between a single or mighty double patty.

Single Patty or Mighty Double?

This burger is available in both a single patty, or our epic Mighty Double (with two awesome patties)!

Optional Extras...

You can add all sorts of extras to most of our menu range for a few extra bucks!

Swiss Cheese, American cheese, Egg, Grilled Chicken Tender, Jalapeño, Beef Patty, Chicken Breast, Avocado, Streaky Bacon, Beyond Patty, Wagyu Patty

Nutritional Details

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