Apple Cabbage Salad

You won’t find any wilted bits of chopped cabbage, or dry, browning bites of apple in our salad – it’s all fresh produce that promises a healthy crunch with every bite.

We throw in a generous serving of roasted pine nuts, and a smattering of fresh herbs for added flavour, and toss it all together with a delicious vinaigrette for a devilishly simple, crisp and light side that will accompany any meal with aplomb. There’s no messing around with weird additives here, or serving you a few bits of greenery and calling it a side, just a healthy and light salad you won’t have to force yourself to eat.

Vegetarian, Gluten Friendly, Dairy Free

Nutritional Details

Want to check out our halal items or check any allergy info? We’ve got you covered!

Apple Cabbage Salad

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