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The Star Casino, Pyrmont - PERMANEntly Closed



Gamble on red, gamble on a full house, but never gamble on a burger – it’s simply far too important. If you want a sure thing at The Star, you probably won’t find it tucked away in a pack of cards, but you will find it at Ribs & Burgers.

With 100% pure beef in our burgers, the odds aren’t just good that you’ll enjoy the best Darling Harbour burgers around – they’re 100%. Not to mention our slow-cooked ribs, home-style meals, and mouth-watering wraps. Plus, our famous chips are much tastier than the ones you find in the casino. (Don’t tell them we told you.)

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The Star, Café Court, Level G
80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont
Undercover parking at The Star
Right next to the train station

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Why all our customers are winners

Darling Harbour food is regarded as some of the best in Sydney, and even though our meals don’t come with the same price tag as the swanky spots along the waterfront, we definitely count ourselves amongst those with the tastiest dishes and best atmosphere in town. Win or lose in the casino, you’ll always be winning with our fresh ingredients, boutique-style burgers, and full flavours in every dish. Our staff are also far too friendly to manage a poker face even if they tried, so when you’re prowling The Star food options, give Ribs & Burgers a try. We bet you’ll love it.

Want to enjoy our delightful burgers without all of the fanfare of the casino? No problem. We’re happy to offer delivery in Darling Harbour, even if you’re just in the hotel upstairs.

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You said it, we love it, let’s hear it for Ribs & Burgers The Star!

Zaia D
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The best burger I ever had highly recommend it 🙂
Briggs Jourdan
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So much onion goodness in the burger, and relatively cheesy as well. Chips were cooked to perfection and each bite of the burger was searing with heat and adorned my tastebuds. Didn't really like how the order was handled though, but I guess they did their best.
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Really nice burgers, wraps and fries. We tried the wagyu beef cheese burger, chicken wrap, Greek wrap and loaded fries. All were delicious, the loaded fries had a great topping with a bit of spice. More drink variety would be good but they have a confined space. You can visit other outlets if needed.

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