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30 Pearson Street, Charlestown

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Ribs & Burgers: the Burger Restaurant Charlestown Will Love

You know that feeling when you don’t know exactly what you want to eat, but you do know you want it to be filling, satisfying, delicious, not full of absolute rubbish, but also not take forever or cost half a week’s salary?

Hi, we’re Ribs & Burgers, and Charlestown, we’re the answer to that feeling. We’ve got some of the best burgers Charlestown restaurants have to offer. We use only the highest quality ingredients, including butcher’s choice ribs, 100% chuck and brisket burger patties, and fresh produce in all our salads. It’s also fast, affordable, and totally hits the spot.

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Level 2, Shop 2038, Charlestown Square
30 Pearson Street, Charlestown
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Making an awesome burger isn’t difficult, and with our family’s background in butchery it wasn’t too long till we came across the perfect blend of meat and other ingredients that made something truly special.

Since 2011, Ribs and Burgers has been singularly dedicated to bringing people the best burgers, ribs, and fries at a price that won’t necessitate the selling of a vital organ or two. We believe quality shouldn’t be reserved for those that can afford it.

Ribs and Burgers was made to do three things; provide amazing food to everyone, support local communities, and do it without breaking the bank. Those have been our guiding principles since our inception. Come check us out when looking for restaurants at Charlestown Square!

The Best Ribs and Burgers in Charlestown

Newcastle, when you’re on the hunt for utter deliciousness, you can’t go wrong with Ribs & Burgers in Charlestown. We only use top notch meat to make our fresh burgers according to our family’s secret patty recipe. 

Our patties are then flame grilled to perfect before rounding it off with local, farm fresh salads in artisan made rolls, no sugary buns here! The finishing touches are added with our boutique pickles, and secret family recipe sauces.

That may seem a lot of family secrets but if you were the best burger and ribs restaurant ever you’d be protective of the recipes too.

But what if you’re not in the mood for burgers? We’ve got you covered. Our slow cooked ribs, wraps, bowls, chicken dishes, and sirloin steak will have you fed, filled, and satisfied.

Don’t Worry Vegetarians of Charlestown

You thought we forgot about you, didn’t you! All this talk of quality ribs and burgers was probably driving you a little bit nuts. We get it, it’s hard to find something that accommodates your diet, and when you do find something that has vegetarian options you’re often treated like a snowflake. More than one boomer has probably erroneously called you a “millennial” and blamed you for the decline of the meat industry.

Well at Ribs & Burgers, our Charlestown restaurant is proud to present you with the option of purchasing one of our amazing Beyond Burger Patties. Some might think it’s some kind of super burger, but it’s actually a delicious meaty burger – sans meat.

At Ribs and Burgers we believe that selling the best burgers means that everyone should be able to enjoy them, and if you’re a vegetarian then we’re only too happy to serve you! Come and try one of our Beyond Burgers, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Every dish at Ribs & Burgers is made with the same care and attention, ensuring they’re all as filling, satisfying, delicious, and completely free of judgement.

Superior Service

We’re a family owned company who started small, but we’ve never forgotten our roots. It’s part of why we’re so passionate about supporting communities and charities like OzHarvest. Our philosophy has always been to provide exemplary levels of awesomeness, and this extends to our wonderful staff.

Every single one of our workers is an absolute legend, and you’re always going to be treated to friendly service at our Charlestown restaurant. However, because we’re a family owned and operated company, we like to think of our employees as an extension of us. Therefore we pride ourselves on providing our employees with a safe, hospital workplace where they will be met with the kindness and respect they show us and our valued customers.

100% pure chuck & brisket patty

Our beef burgers are made with 100% chuck & brisket. No binders, no antibiotics, and no salt or pepper means you can enjoy gourmet-style burgers without having to pay premium prices. Talk about the best burger experience ever!

Ribs slow-cooked to perfection

What’s in our secret family ribs recipe? It’s a secret, of course! But don’t think about it too much anyway. Just enjoy the delicious taste of the best ribs and let all your worries melt away. Just like our slow-cooked ribs are sure to melt in your mouth.

Locally sourced ingredients

Wherever possible, we source our ingredients from local farms and suppliers. That keeps the best Aussie ribs and burgers made in Australia and for Australians.

Sustainable vego options

Our meat-free patties use 93% less land and 99% less water to produce than standard beef patties. Ask in-store for a vegan burger!

Waste Not

Our takeaway bags are hardy and reusable. Plus, our creamy shakes are slurped through turtle-safe straws.

What are You Waiting For?

We’ve got the best ribs, the best burgers, the best vegetarian options, and the best of a whole lot more. It’s all made with quality ingredients, supporting your community, and charities, all in a relaxed environment with guaranteed friendliness at our Charlestown Square restaurant. What more could you ask for? Come find us at Level 2, Shop 2038, Charlestown Square, 30 Pearson Street, Charlestown and you’ll be able to experience first hand what we’re all about.

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