Raining Cheeseburgers

30 Pearson Street, Charlestown

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crushing Charlestown's Hunger

Ribs & Burgers Charlestown

What do a little black dress, aviator sunglasses, and a great burger have in common?

They will never, ever go out of style.

Forget fad foods and trendy tastes – we’ve embraced our unwavering faithfulness to the classic burger, and we’d love for you to try it. Along with our slow-cooked ribs, we’ve opted for premium cuts of beef, paired with fresh produce, secret family recipes, and the perfect burger bun to create a home-style meal that will never go out of fashion. As Charlestown food options come and go, we’ll be right here, doing what we do best (ribs & burgers).

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Level 2, Shop 2038, Charlestown Square
30 Pearson Street, Charlestown
Plenty of free shopping centre parking
The bus stop is right outside the centre

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Sun-Thurs: 11:30am – 9:00pm
Fri-Sat: 11:30am – 9:30pm

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You know what else is cool?

Genuinely friendly service, decent prices, a relaxed atmosphere, and not having to wait too long at Charlestown food places. You’ll find all of these traits at our any of our locations, including here in Charlestown.

Looking to enjoy your burger at home, or want to make a picnic out of it? Order your burgers in Charlestown to go, and we’ll make sure you get plenty of serviettes. You’ll need them.

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You said it, we love it, let’s hear it for Ribs & Burgers Charlestown!

Adam Hamilton-smith
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Aussie burger Is a good size burger. Great taste and juicy. Also had the chicken wings, tad expensive for 4 wings maybe 6 for the menu price would be of better value. Over all good tasting and friendly staff on the day.
Frithjof Herb
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My partner and I are big fans of all things burgers and ribs, having tried most places in Newcastle that cover both or either of these and seldom do I feel compelled to leave a review. This place got the thumbs up from both of us with zero hesitation upon first bite. Burger was juicy with fresh flavoursome ingredients, loaded fries were an easy to love throwback to more traditional approaches, a welcome change from what is becoming a more standard approach of what feels like Kraft bacon and cheese singles on fries.
Jay Wildrick
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This place is so under-rated!It is hands down Newcastles best burgers and shakes. The staff are great too, super nice and seem to genuinely love working there. Easy 5 stars!

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