All of the flavour, none of the pants

R&B Grillhouse Takeaway Shop

No dishes. No going out. No pants if you don’t want to*. 

Take away your favourite R&B Grillhouse meals for juicy ribs, succulent burgers, and absolutely none of the social expectations of dining out. 

Place your order for some of the best burgers this side of the hemisphere, pick up a deliciously messy rack of ribs, or try something different with a wrap or bowl, and don’t forget to load up on sides – it’s all exceptional, it’s all made with care, and it’s all available for take-away right now. 

Enjoy your meal wherever suits you best (even if that’s in bed) and give those taste buds a meal to feel nostalgic about for ever more.

*The only time you have to wear pants is when you pick it up. 

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