Neal Dixon

Whoa. This place. Seriously. You walk in and this restaurant smells of searing meat (and that’s a good thing). They serve big food that doesn’t sacrifice on quality. Plus the atmosphere, large indoor dining room, spacious seating out front, and quick service really can’t be beat.

But let’s talk about the ketchup they use. From my experience, Aussies don’t load up their fries the same way we Yanks do. But this place has bottles of ketchup for use. Imported from South Africa, All Gold Tamatie Sous just might be the best ketchup I’ve ever tried. It’s got thickness but not unpleasant texture and all the tomato sweetness and flavor. I can’t even begin to describe the pleasure associated with coming across such a find! Thank you Ribs & Burgers on the Rocks!

Food was amazing. Meat is so good and also super tender. I strongly recommend the ribs and a cold beer. If you are lucky you can seat in the balcony with a view to the river. The neighborhood where is located is really good to take a walk.

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